BIRTHDAY: 28th January 1994


What do you most appreciate about being part of STORROR and about your team mates?

We’re just a group of mates! The cool thing is we all recognise each other’s strengths and work best as a team. When we’re all together magic happens.

What do you think makes STORROR unique among parkour teams?

We started as mates, doing it for fun, and we grew together to the top of the game. We also get excited at the stuff no one else would do. We’re a bit crazy like that.

What are your best parkour skills and what are your other talents or interests?

I don’t think I had any natural ability that stood out. I’m just very keen to push myself and try hard every time I train. I’m always aiming to become a well-rounded athlete. The rest of the team would probably say I’ve got flow.

My film-making skills came from trying to do something different that no one in parkour was attempting at the time, that’s how the original StorrorBlog episodes came about.

Any sort of adventure really excites me, camping, climbing and all sports. Basically I enjoy any activity, as well as just chilling with my buds, looking for spots and planning lines.

What’s your diet like and what training or exercise do you do to improve fitness?

My diet’s based on the advice of my mother, the healthiest person I know. Everything in moderation. Balance is key.

I’ve found sprinting, muscle-ups, hacky sack, juggling, and throwing and catching really beneficial for keeping my eye in and staying sharp for my training. I try to do something every day. Also, I find visualisation is really helpful.

What’s your taste in books, films, music?

I don’t read much but I listen to a lot of podcasts, especially The Joe Rogan Experience – so many amazing guests! I think The Great Escape is the best film ever. As for music, I really enjoy listening to Soulection on SoundCloud – every week they have a new 2-hour playlist of fresh beats and eclectic soul.

At school, what subjects were you best at and worst at?

I only excelled in PE and art, and that says it all really. I’m dyslexic, so struggle with reading and expressing myself in writing but anything physical I can pick up fairly effortlessly.

If you weren’t a professional parkour athlete, what would you be doing for a living?

I honestly don’t know what I’d be doing. Something not as fun, that’s for sure!

What places would you like to visit that you haven’t yet and which are your favourites so far?

I want to go to Colombia, Hawaii, New Zealand, Antarctica, Canada, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Chile, Norway, Guatemala, Cuba, and everywhere else! Favourites are Iceland, Hong Kong, Australia, Turkey, Tunisia, South Korea and France.

Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

I only really plan a short period ahead because I feel it’s better to be flexible with a life like this. All I know is, parkour for life!

What advice would you give someone starting out in parkour?

Listen to yourself as you know you better that anyone else. Start small and train every day. Try to think uniquely as there aren’t any rules and differences are good! You’ll find you can progress pretty quickly if you have a solid mind-set. Explore everything.