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Benj is 178cm wearing size 2XL

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it aite.

Daniel J.R.
Bloody brilliant job like always lads! I appreciate it big time! Just like my old one I lost!

I appreciate it so much you guys! I lost my old RCA hoodie a few years back at a concert in the Blue Mountain’s, NSW Australia where I’m from, I was absolutely devastated, and then not too long after that it wasn’t being produced anymore/was discontinued… Big sad… Then I was watching the straight line mission video recently, shout out GeoWizard you absolute legend mate, get in, and saw Sacha wearing it, (can’t believe I missed it in earlier videos) and instantly knew I’d be buying it again! Absolutely awesome hoodie, really good quality and stands the test of time and barbed wire etc lmao... My old one only had a couple holes in it after so bloody many roof missions, fence climbs, abandoned buildings, big falls, tower climbs and so much more! Love it in the XL size, it’s so warm and perfect for our winters up here, also, it looks great and goes well with a pair of shorts for those breezy summer nights lurking around town. Couldn’t be happier with it guys, bit pricy to ship to Australia, but worth every penny in my eyes, even though I don’t reallllllly do parkour/free running anymore, and I’ve stacked on a few kilos since my teenage years (I’m 24 now), growing up watching you guys and how bloody far you’ve come, I know I needed this hoodie again, I’ll be buying some more merch soon for sure as well! It may not seem like much to some, but it means the world to me, absolutely love you legends and I’m so proud of how far you’ve all come and really, how far you’ve been able to take the parkour/free running community in general! I think I’m going to have to start exercising properly again and get back into the swing of things thanks to the motivation you guys give! Even with my bad knees and sometimes lack of motivation, you boys keep myself, and so many others going. I’ll always appreciate, love and look up to all of you absolutely legends among men! Keep it up fellas, ahhhh yeah the hoodie is pretty dope too, did I mention that already? Yeah, if you’re still reading this, just support the boys and buy it already would ya! Australia to the UK! All the love boys! Thanks again for bringing it back out for the OG’s (not sure if I’m an actual OG of parkour, but I digress) Take it easy guys and look after yourselves. Peace, Love and Unity! PS I tried to add a photo but my phone won’t let me… Rest assured… It’s awesome! Cheers again lads! 😎👌🍻🇦🇺❤️🇬🇧


Perfect hoody - fits great, looks nice, just as shown in shop.

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