Storror TENS - Parkour Shoe



Developing a parkour shoe had always been a dream, but it was in the spring of 2015 when we finally decided to start working towards making that dream a reality. There were so many things that stopped us from diving into footwear in the same way we had clothing. One of the biggest barriers to entering the footwear market, second only to that of cash, was finding designers.

Unlike designing clothing, in order to effectively design footwear you have to be working in 3D. It requires extensive knowledge of materials, construction and specialist software. So we needed to work with someone who knew what they were doing. We started looking at universities for footwear design students, we investigated multiple design agencies, even sites like Freelancer and People Per Hour. Having the high standards we do, we weren’t satisfied with any of these. Then we discovered our designers based in New York City. These dudes have worked for brands like New Balance, Supreme, Reebok, and DC, and so we were super happy when they showed such enthusiasm in taking on our parkour shoe project.

The first stage was research. We spent weeks visiting shoe stores and trawling through the internet to nail down what made a good parkour shoe, what we liked, what we didn’t like, and what would work for our project. Once we compiled all those resources, Drew hopped on a flight to NYC and had a face-to-face with the guys. They talked through the requirements, pulled apart sample shoes, and mocked up a pull-over sample.

We then began the development phase of creating a parkour shoe. The guys would build a sample in their studio, we’d test it and return feedback, and this refining went back and forth for months. Finally we had perfected it, and the next stage was to source a factory that could mass-produce this prototype we had spent 2 years creating. The target was Taiwan and after some final changes we pressed the button…

So you can expect to receive your Storror TENS within 3-7 working days. Stay tuned for updates on more sizes, we are hoping to expand early 2018. 

Thanks again. Your continued support is the only reason that we can make things like this happen. Any issues with your pre-order please contact