Roof Culture Blackout is an all black range, providing stealth for those who require subtlety when training. The collection has obvious Asian influences through native calligraphy and graphic placement. Each long length tee represents a different phase of Roof Culture, and respective Asian mega-city.

The Tokyo RCA tee aligns with traditional Japanese culture, to us this phase of Roof Culture is about the understanding that what we do is a result of discipline and training - we're not superhuman, just dedicated to a passion. 

The Hong Kong RCA tee stands for old school Roof Culture, it's about being loud and proud about what we do. It's sweaty palms and big drops and reflected by the city it represents. 

The Seoul RCA tee represents a passion to explore the unknown. It's risky, it's different but that's exciting. Seoul is the wildcard of RCA - and so is this tee. Rep if you can pull it off.

The RCA Mission Hoody ties together everything Roof Culture. It provides the dark anonymity required to fully explore the city.

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Parkour In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Parkour in Brazil

See the full photo story here - Drew Taylor - Parkour in Brazil

Was great to be introduced to the community here in Rio yesterday. It's in its early days for sure, but very effectively being guided in the right direction by the awesome Vance Poubel (aka Bacon Man) who runs sessions here to teach kids in a local martial arts centre. 

The whole ethos of the way they train here is very much centred around having fun, which is the way it should be! I guess that reflects wider Brazilian culture but is awesome to see such freedom in a 'coaching' environment.

What is interesting though - is how participation in Rio de Janeiro is limited not by weather (as it is in the UK during winter) but rather safety on the streets. Vance was telling me people don't like to be out on the streets because of the associated danger with muggings and murders - which means introducing kids to parkour, an activity which very much involves being on the streets is increasingly difficult to gain interest in. 

Parkour in Brazil

Nevertheless - the community here is thriving and there are some seriously talented young kids here with some world class spots to develop their skills with. Expect big things from this area of the world over the next few years!!

See the full photo story here - Drew Taylor - Parkour in Brazil

Drew Taylor - Brazil Parkour

Parkour in Brazil

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Storror - GLITCH for Spring/Summer 2016

We hope you enjoyed our latest release for spring/summer.

Glitch is our first conceptual range, inspired by our trademark editing style with nods to trends in wider streetwear culture. Featuring sharp, heavy graphic prints and oversized, longer length fits, this collection is solidified by distorted, digital and analog iconography. The collection is design by Drew with input from the whole team. 

'Glitch was so fun to create, everything from the graphics to the distorted video clips is Storror down to the tee. We're starting to get a much clearer idea of the aesthetic we're trying to create with out clothing and I think you can really see that through these pieces'. 

There is a second delivery from the GLITCH concept, due to be announced within the next few days. Stay tuned!

Shop the collection here...

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Sacha on the edit, we spent a few days exploring the diverse and busy city of Istanbul!

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Parkour Trickshots with NERF

NERF contacted us a few weeks back and ended up sending over a few of their latest product, the ECS-10 Blaster... So we ran around Brighton and got creative! 

Some of these shots took hundreds of takes but there's no feeling quite like a successful cup shot. Check it out! #NerfModulus

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Supertramps Thailand Q&A

After the initial boom and overwhelming response to our first feature length documentary, we started receiving a load of questions regarding pretty much every aspect of the film, from the deadly snake to the fancy transitions so we're gonna give a go at answering em' all.

How much did the trip cost per person and what advice would you give to get your money's worth?

We actually flew out to Thailand with the naive plan of spending no more than £100 each for the entire month which was quickly forgotten when we realised we hadn't accounted for a loa...

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Storror Supertramps - Thailand

Storror Supertramps - Thailand

So, we just dropped our first feature length film, you may have heard about it. It was 28 days shooting, six months in the works, and every drop of money that went into it was from our own pockets. I’m sure there are a few people surprised to see we’re asking for money in exchange for access to this film. Some people seemed shocked to see we’ve stripped them of their right to see all Storror content for free!

Firstly we’re sorry if you feel cheated, but we’ve definitely not sold out - far from it in fact. The amount of effort we put into our videos requires us to be ‘Storroring' full time. In order to keep us from working lame jobs, and to give us the time we need to create the kind of stuff you want to see - we decided to try producing a longer, higher quality film. This gives people who enjoy our videos the opportunity to directly support what we do, by paying for what we produce.

In the long term this shift gives us the opportunity to create a lot better content, and more of it! It won’t just be hour long epics either, the YouTube will benefit from this too. Definitely expect other teams over the next few months and years to follow suit. With this model, the industry in at least the filmmaking side of things, can be totally self sufficient - there won’t be a need to get big brands involved. This way it stays as raw and authentic as it always has been, but allows plenty of room for growth.

This film is without doubt our best production ever, we’ve levelled up in so many aspects and I’m sure you’ll appreciate it. Nothing we’ve ever done before has been so clear about what we stand for. This is from start to finish an epic exploration into living life the Storror way. 

If you have any doubts about whether it’s right to charge you a few quid for the film we’ve slaved over for half a year, don't watch it,  stick to YouTube and hush up.

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Madrid... A Parkour Metropolis.

So Josh, Drew, Max, Benj and top mate Will Sutton found some dirt cheap flights to a city they'd heard great things about... Madrid. Their expectations were clearing fulfilled and Max logged some cool little Instagram updates to keep us all in the loop :) Day 1: Landed in Madrid local time 1:00pm. Spoke to a guy who said sol was good, got on a train to sol. Arrived in sol and got a taco and a pint for €1. Chilling outside Taco Bell and some random guy recognised us. His name was Juan and offered us a place to stay at his...

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