Blacksus' Top 5 Shoes For Parkour

Parkour has gotta be one of the most cash efficient sports you can do. The bare necessity is a quality pair of treads... they help you move and ideally look good!

Here are my personal top 5 Parkour shoes, the ones that stood out for me over my ten years of Parkour training.

5. Feyui

Originally made for martial arts, primarily wushu. But this footwear company has also made some serious waves in the parkour community for as long as I can remember.

Their main purpose is to improve footwork and absorption as the shoes lack of support and cushioning mean that if you land badly, it's going to hurt!

If you're serious about maintaining or improving your general technique in Parkour you should seriously consider owning a pair of these. Even if they're not for every day use, embrace some low impact movement and appreciate how delicate you have to be without an that thick sole you're used to.

With a range of colourways, styles and fits to choose from, you will still be able to maintain a level of style whilst training.

4. Asics Onitsuka Tiger Aarons

A few German practitioners got me into wearing these, Andi Muller and Matthias Mayer of Team Ashigaru rock them to this day. Similarly to Feiyue, they just looked cool and had that minimalist vibe, but with more protection and made with real leather canvas and mesh. I went for the black and white colorway!

These shoes were good to train in as they pushed me to maintain decent technique. A poor landing would hurt and once worn in, the grip was solid. In terms of durability the shoe lasted a fair while. with only a bit of wear on the sole and slight body damage.


3. K-Swiss si18 2

This shoe was originally intended for the sport of Tennis, but in the last 6-7 years they have made an appearance off court and on the feet of major parkour practitioners.

The first person I saw using them was the godfather of parkour Daniel llabaca, who was donning a pair of forrest brown and cream, which surprisingly looked alright! 

The quickly became the go to shoe for parkour practitioners worldwide. Their durability and comfort were the major pro's, whilst still staying stylish with a range of colourways to choose from.

Something that really appealed to me was how suitable they are for people with flat feet or broken down arches. With a flat solid heel, and raised sole, it offers brilliant support for almost all types of movement.


2. Adistar Racer

Parkour Athletes love Adidas, with the Adidas tracer being the first Parkour specific shoe released for UF(URBAN FREEFLOW) in 2006.

The brand became massively favoured by us Parkour lot and the Adistar Racer was one their best models to date.

A top pick for Storror, with the majority of the team owning a pair of the black and white silhouette colourway. It goes with most outfits (especially if you're kitted out with Storror gear ;) and is generally a pretty slick pair of treads to rock on your local training ground.

With a predominantly mesh body and a thin yet solid sole, you maintain good feeling during landings as well as decent protection.

Once worn-in, the grip in second to none, and the body holds its shape over time whilst being lightweight and flexible enough to enhance that smooth agile feeling when moving, which is always nice. 


1. Adidas Essential Star 2.0

Adidas rightfully snatch the top spot with a shoe originally publicized throughout Parkour by Jason Paul of Team Farang.

With a simple tennis design, reminiscent of a Y3 shoe, they look sick whilst maintaining that lightweight feel due to a primarily mesh body.

Non-marking rubber sole, incredibly long-lasting grip, straight out of the box they're almost perfect and are super quick to wear in. I’m still on my first pair and they're going strong... Ticking every box, these shoes won’t disappoint!

The only way of finding the right shoe for you is to train in as many as you possibly can. Over time you'll find the style and fit that's perfect for you. Whether you're just starting Parkour, or are looking for a change, these are my favourites and they're here you help you decide. 

Train safe, peace.

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