Supertramps Thailand Q&A

After the initial boom and overwhelming response to our first feature length documentary, we started receiving a load of questions regarding pretty much every aspect of the film, from the deadly snake to the fancy transitions so we're gonna give a go at answering em' all.

How much did the trip cost per person and what advice would you give to get your money's worth?

We actually flew out to Thailand with the naive plan of spending no more than £100 each for the entire month which was quickly forgotten when we realised we hadn't accounted for a load of necessary expenses, general travel being the main culprit. We did however manage to keep it down to roughly £300 per Storror, after some disgustingly cheap flights we bagged a few months before, totalling a life changing trip at under £600 per person... Pretty epic!

Tips for getting your money's worth:

  • Go somewhere dirt cheap (google cheap countries)
  • Get the shittest flights you can find (we had a day stuck in Moscow at -10 degrees)
  • Don't think that cause you're on 'holiday' that it's fine to splash out on STUFF YOU DON'T NEED (souvenirs, restaurant meals etc)
  • Always go for quantity over quality when it comes to food.
  • Get mega friendly with shop owners for free snacks etc.
  • Bin dive.
  • Have a rough budget from day 1 that seems impossible to stick to. Then try and stick to it haha.
  • Most important of all. NEVER pay for accommodation. Buy a hammock for a fiver.

How did pretending to buy a suit have anything to do with getting free petrol?

We think the tuc-tuc geezas have deals with local stores, and if they get tourists to the stores, the store owner's stamp the drivers little sticker thing and he takes that as a discount for fuel or something weird like that pff no idea haha!

What did everyone pack from camera equipment to a toothbrush!?

We'll touch on camera equipment later on but apart from that, about 2 t-shirts each, maybe 5 sets of underwear maximum, shorts x1, trackies x1, hammock (fits in water bottle pouch), sleeping bag, travel pillow (ultimate luxury), travel towel (size of a small pebble), toothbrush, shared toothpaste, phone, wallet.

What were the best moments of the trip?

Easily the 4 day island experience. Simply the most free and jam packed 4 days of the trip, we could bang on about all the crazy/cool shit that went down... or you could just go watch the film haha :)

Who was on the island apart from the storrors and the aussies?

A few other traceurs joined us from Singapore after hearing about our plans. Natalia Ivanova came with her daughter Angelica. Then a few more Aussies including Rhys James, Ryan Murphy and Beau Shaw rocked up a couple days after we did! Crazy surprise and we still have no idea how they found us haha.

How do you find your locations? Just walking around or listening to people or maybe Google?

Before we fly out anywhere we Google a few spots to stick on the hit list, then once we're there we find out who's turf it is, give them a facebook message and see what happens. Sometimes you get recommended a roof to sleep on for the night, and sometimes you get a bed each in some fancy mansion and a 5 star tour guide, you never know! Just keep an eye out for epic places and people, get chatting, get clued up and try to get up early!

What about the hygiene in the island? What are the essentials you have to take with you in a journey like this to protect yourself from viruses and stuff like that?

We might have needed some vaccinations and stuff before Thailand but none of us got them and we're still alive so that's cool. Took a few plasters, toothbrush and washed in the sea but accepting dirt and smell makes trips like these loads easier. Emergency antibiotics are probably a good idea and we have some leftover painkillers from surgeries and stuff that always come in handy when someone's in a bit of a pickle.

Why did you change your style from old school Storror to Supertramps and Survivors?

We're just going with the flow bro. Give it a go. It's gr8 fun.

Why would you pick up a snake that could have killed you?!

We're pretty much kids out to have a laugh and in addition to that, have a few born and bred Australians chucked in the mix and they're built for that sh*t!



What kit did you use?
- Canon 600d x2
- Canon 550d
- Sony A7s (wooden walkway collapsed under Sacha after about a week which destroyed the screen so he had to look through the viewfinder for the rest of the trip... Classic)
- GoPro Hero 3 Black
- GoPro Hero 4 Silver (after the palm tree drone crash destroyed the Hero 3 lol)
- DJI Phantom 2
- Lenses: Canon 50mm f/1.4, Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8, Sigma 10-20mm f/4
- Glidecam HD 1000

We also had a few mates that sent us some footage from some of the trip, like the Slow Mo stuff in Singapore which was shot on an FS700 and DJI Ronin.

How long did it take to fully edit?

Steven spent a couple days syncing up the interview shots and audio. Toby spent a lonesum 2 weeks on the trailer before heading to Sacha's where they both spent just over a month putting together the entire 70 minute doc (visual cut, vfx, audio/tracks/sfx mixing, colour grade, titles)

How do you make the transitions, flares and other fancy stuff? Adobe After Effects?

Toby and Sacha started shooting specifically for cool transitions a while ago, so it's slowly become habit to get the shot you need and finish with a swipe in random directions, just for good measure and it tends to pay off! Now all the team are playing with the camera's more so we have the ultimate mix of shooting techniques to play with in the edit.

Basic transition breakdown:

  • Shoot any clip and swipe rapidly in any direction at the end.
  • Start your next shot swiping in from the direction you swiped out previously. So if you shot a clip and finished by swiping the camera up to the sky, your next clip wants to be swiping up from the floor. You then simply line up the end/beginning of those 2 clips and get a cool seamless effect that you can then get creative with! (no need for after effects, any program will do the job)

We didn't use too many flares and if we did it was just for a few frames at the beginning of clips to make the cut from sunny to dark seem less harsh on the eye (all just preset Premiere Pro flares lol). We used after effects for the opening title only.

How did you organise the edit and roles?

Toby and Sacha have a few distinct editing styles and some of you might even be able to notice sections in the film that were made by one or the other. However, when it comes down to a final vision, they're very much on the same page and can swap out of the hot seat at any moment and trust that the other is gonna carry on working on a sequence with the same ideas and competency. For the month they tended to just swap every few hours, with one making bagels and one making the film. For the last week or 2 it started getting tight, we'd already announced the release date and had sold 100 tickets for the official cinema premiere but were dangerously far away from finishing the film!.. It was time to level up so Sacha and Toby started doing 12 hour shifts, Toby would work on the timeline till 3am while Sacha slept, then Sacha would wake up and work till 3pm while Toby slept, and so on... Pretty savage work so the others would turn up every few days with snacks and various wines and beer to keep the moral on a manageable level haha! This all resulted in the final render finishing only a few hours before it had to be in the cinema! Classic last minute twats we are.

Would you be able to post a screenshot of the whole timeline in Premiere Pro? How you organised it all?

That's the general layout we worked with, but with the preview screen alone on a bigger monitor. Our clips were sorted by days and then the camera they were shot on. And we had a load of different sequences that we used to drag in miscellaneous clips for future use so we wouldn't forget them (we still forgot to use so much lol). One of those was the BTS sequence hahah, utterly hilarious but way too explicit for the internet, if you head to our store and buy every item right now, we might upload it ;)

How many drafts did you go through before the final edit? Also how many gigs of footage did you end up with?

The whole team had constant input so Toby and Sacha just tweaked it while they went. Draft 1 was the final and we shot almost a terabyte of footage.

Who edited which sections and which took the longest/you were most proud of?

Toby and Sacha had pretty equal input for every section of the film, one would compile footage into a rough sequence then the other would go through and tighten it up, swapping roles throughout. To be honest we're just happy we managed to pull off a 70 minute film after faffing around on YouTube for too long haha!

Did you film it all yourselves or did you have someone filming along the journey?

Supertramps Thailand was an all Storror Production, a few of us take the lead with cameras but are always switching it round cause we're the fuckin ultimate unit m8... jk.

Once again, we wanna say a huge thanks to everyone who supported our choice to put this film up for purchase and for the incredible response as a whole! All funds so far are gonna be chucked on the next big project of which planning is already underway so stay tuned... Also if you have any more questions simply drop a comment and we'll update this blog accordingly :)

Watch 'Storror Supertramps - Thailand' now!

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