Storror Supertramps - Thailand

Storror Supertramps - Thailand

So, we just dropped our first feature length film, you may have heard about it. It was 28 days shooting, six months in the works, and every drop of money that went into it was from our own pockets. I’m sure there are a few people surprised to see we’re asking for money in exchange for access to this film. Some people seemed shocked to see we’ve stripped them of their right to see all Storror content for free!

Firstly we’re sorry if you feel cheated, but we’ve definitely not sold out - far from it in fact. The amount of effort we put into our videos requires us to be ‘Storroring' full time. In order to keep us from working lame jobs, and to give us the time we need to create the kind of stuff you want to see - we decided to try producing a longer, higher quality film. This gives people who enjoy our videos the opportunity to directly support what we do, by paying for what we produce.

In the long term this shift gives us the opportunity to create a lot better content, and more of it! It won’t just be hour long epics either, the YouTube will benefit from this too. Definitely expect other teams over the next few months and years to follow suit. With this model, the industry in at least the filmmaking side of things, can be totally self sufficient - there won’t be a need to get big brands involved. This way it stays as raw and authentic as it always has been, but allows plenty of room for growth.

This film is without doubt our best production ever, we’ve levelled up in so many aspects and I’m sure you’ll appreciate it. Nothing we’ve ever done before has been so clear about what we stand for. This is from start to finish an epic exploration into living life the Storror way.

If you have any doubts about whether it’s right to charge you a few quid for the film we’ve slaved over for half a year, don't watch it, stick to YouTube and hush up.

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