Madrid... A Parkour Metropolis.

So Josh, Drew, Max, Benj and top mate Will Sutton found some dirt cheap flights to a city they'd heard great things about... Madrid. Their expectations were clearing fulfilled and Max logged some cool little Instagram updates to keep us all in the loop :)

Day 1: 
Landed in Madrid local time 1:00pm. Spoke to a guy who said sol was good, got on a train to sol. Arrived in sol and got a taco and a pint for €1. Chilling outside Taco Bell and some random guy recognised us. His name was Juan and offered us a place to stay at his place... cool. We hopped back on the train and cramped into a car to drop our bags at Juan's house. Went back out to train at a nearby park before getting a fat kebab and heading Juan's house.

Day 2:
Awoke and packed our stuff up before heading off to central Madrid, we met up with some locals and trained at some unbelievable spots, some Spanish geeza had a savage shinning. After a solid day of training we popped to KFC like real athletes to get a cheap meal before heading to a bar where we watched the Madrid derby and necked a few pints which were 1€ each... bargain/dangerous. Got pretty smashed and headed back to a new house where all 6 of us crammed into a tiny room and got some sleep.

Day 3:
Travelled to Piramides where we met up with some more locals before heading to the wooden park which was awesome, loads of wooden logs scattered all over the place to accidentally make an amazing Parkour park. Spain has to be one of the best countries we've trained so far. Chilled out for a bit then caught a train back to cosmans house.

Day 4:
Had a bit of a lie in before hopping back on a train to a place called Azka, yet another amazing area to train with loads of spots 5 minutes walk apart. After training we got a kebab to keep up the healthy eating and headed back to another house to get some kip... 4 days, 4 different houses. 

Day 5:
Had to wake up really early in the morning, got some breakfast by the station and went to Trescantos. Had a little chill out hammock session before strolling to one of the best spot we've ever trained at. Got some lunch and went to a tiny gym before splitting off from the group and deciding to go to some abandoned mansion on top of a mountain we'd heard about and seen pictures of, adventure time. We got picked up by Adrian after 2 trains and went back to his for a proper decent Spanish meal before setting off. We found out the mansion was once the old Spanish dictators summer house is now abandoned. Will found out it was up for sale at 14 million. We climbed up to the mansion and made our way inside, found a sick balcony with a quality view of Madrid and set up our hammocks, listened to some Nora and munched on some cake... Life.

Day 6:
Woke up pretty cold, it was raining and we were pretty much sleeping in a cloud. Packed up our stuff and trekked back down the mountain in the pouring rain. Got to the station and caught a train to Principle Pio where we warmed up, got dry and had some food. Afterwards we all went to a crossfit gym where we slept and charged our cameras and stuff before finding a place that did all you can eat pizza for €3. That night we went back to Pasha's house to sleep... Cheers Pash m8.

Day 7:
Another early start as Pasha had to work. Caught a train back to Principle Pio where we chilled, got some food and waited for OG who took us to another sick area with 3 amazing spots, trained all day before meeting back up with Pasha, played some football and got some food. We had a nightmare with the trains but finally got back to Pasha's house at 2am and went straight to sleep.

Madrid was INSANE... 

As per usual, we filmed absolutely everything so stay tuned for 1 or 2 snazzy edits hitting StorrorBlog in the coming weeks!


Photo's by these EPIC Instagram accounts ;)
- @maxstorrorcave
- @benjcave
- @drewftaylor
- @joshuastorror
- @willsutton

- #storror


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