Urban Freeflow... Reborn!

Urban Freeflow, probably the main culprit to this day for kids jumping on walls all over the planet. 10 years ago it was the online hub of Parkour and Freerunning and pretty much formed and connected the British community as we knew it... Then BOOM! People quickly realised the bald prick owner was just a genius business man using our humble sport to sell tragic t-shirts and make a sh*t load of cash. Kinda fair enough, good move mate... But yeah, the sponsored athletes abandoned the company and the site was imminently shut down and re-directing traffic to some sketchy oiled up body building sweat-fest.


Anyway back to the point... it's re-vamped and run by a bunch of proper safe Germans who we're pretty sure actually care about the sport and the efficient use of such an age-old, renowned name. Urban Freeflow is back in business and providing a whole load of snazzy new treats for all the PK fans out there woo! They'll be providing almost daily articles from a range of mega brainy and respected athletes/teams from all over the world (including yours truly, Stoz), providing a live update on international jams and local events whilst reinforcing a personal bio scheme to maintain solid interactivity and allowing for feedback/Q&A style posting. is also under construction, which will soon be compiling all the top videos from our epic sport as they go live!

The old and wrinkly UF has had a proper fit make-over, let's not fuck it up this time haha!



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