Exploring Liverpool

So this weekend, Steven, Benj and I (Drew), made our way up to Liverpool to visit the guys at the Airborn Academy, have a play around and explore the city. Our bud Richie Squires took us on some great missions, and a personal favourite was the tabacco factory climb.

This building is the largest brick building in the world, we snuck past security through the fence and made our way inside. After finding our way to the top, unfortunately we managed to develop quite a huge amount of attention from the building opposite, and we were quickly surrounded by police - 8 cars and 3 riot vans to be precise. 

Quickly, we hatched an escape plan and after hacking it down the 13 or so floors, we crossed a bridge into another building, sprinted across the open ground, and leaped over the back wall. Ryan Cullen was on hand to pick us up in his new motor, and we managed to get away rather easily!

Great weekend, and thanks to all the guys for putting us up!

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