Norm*l Brand | Clothing Launch

Yesterday, Norm*l Brand of Norwich presented their Winter 2014 range. Although almost a year late, they've put the time in to develop production quality and design so their first major launch would make an impact. Their mission is to 'bring quality streetwear to the freerunning community', you can see this streetwear inspiration throughout their look book, strong influences from Stussy, and almost AA in the photography style. 

The drop is a range of 4 products - including the usual T-shirts and sweatshirts. However they've also ventured out into a bobble hat in three colour ways, and black hareem pants. 

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I'm very impressed with the pants, hopefully the quality of the peice won't let down the design, and I look forward to seeing a pair. The colour ways for all four products tie in nicely and reflect the current trends for winter well. Genearlly designs are subtle, and focus is put on fit and colour - definintely a good thing!


Unfortunatley there are only small quantities available in some of the peices. So if you like the look and feel of Norm*l Brand, go out and rep quick, because I expect if they gain enough exposure they'll be out of stock quickly! -

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