Roof Culture Apparel

So, hopefully you're aware of, and enjoying our new capsule range 'ROOF CULTURE'The phrase, actually, was straight from the head of Callum P. It all stemmed from the growing subculture that we like to think we've been at the forefront of over the last few years - that of exploring and climbing gritty, urban, environments often at night and scouting for beefy roof gaps to do during the day. As soon as we heard the phrase Cal had come up with, it was immediately obvious to all of us that this was a fucking cool name for a sick video, and more importantly a clothing line. It so perfectly encompasses the feel and mood of what we wanted to portray with our apparel, real, urban, cool shit - really we had no option!

I had a play for a while with different caligraphic styles, but none of them quite cut it. We decided in order to get the authentic look and feel we wanted, we needed to go for the real deal. Badman local graffiti artist 'Aspher DSK' (now running Toyboy Design Eu.) was our first point of call. This boy back in the day had a £300 bounty on his head, and he's got a pretty mean tag on him too, so we asked him to sketch up a few ideas in various different styles.

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After digitizing a few of the favourites I spent days picking out different sections from different versions and sewing them back together, then re-jigging, tidying up, tweaking... etc etc etc.


RC is here to give you the chance to represent some cool shit that you're passionate about. So if you wanna join the cult...get going

Oh and stay tuned for the full length video, it's gonna blow your socks off!


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