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(by Toby Segar)
Yo wussup, so I can't really thank you bunch enough for the response we've had on our newest and probably biggest accidental project in Storror history. Chaps on Tour 2013 was one we'd originally planned on shooting with a bunch of fat sponsors and a meticulously thought out plan over the course of 6 weeks. In the end all that bollocks fell through so we just settled with the idea that we'd be carrying on with an episode every couple of weeks and would probably go on at least one trip or something... lol.

Then luck took charge, suddenly we were all booked out with community events and had a load of random flights lined up through the holidays, splitting the team all over Europe. It had been a good few weeks since our last video, and we like to try and keep it consistent for you guys so something had to change, it was mid Summer by this point and I realised I had 50gb+ of what seemed like quality footage, with no forecast as to what the fck I was gonna use it for haha. A whatsapp message went out to the Chaps explaining the situation and 10 minutes later we realised Chaps on Tour 2013 was well and truly underway, and none of us had a clue haha, epic.

It's kinda hard to explain how I wanted the video to turn out or what I wanted it to show, I guess I'd just rather people watch it and if they feel quality or even a little bit inspired, then I'm happy haha.

I'd go into detail on production and planning (pffhahah planning?!) but answering your questions will probably put it all across a bit more efficiently so yh let's go...

What equipment do you use to film?
We have a couple Canon 600d's, 3 Canon 550d's, and a GoPro Hero3 Black Edition. All Shooting in 60 or 30fps with some pretty flat picture styles at shutter speeds of roughly 1/200-250 (obviously don't care a lot of the time, just get the shot you need like your fckin life depends on it)

You ever gonna open a Storror gym?
Chaps on Tour Q&A I thought? oh well, It's the goal of course, insurances and processes in the UK are a nightmare to work around, and we're kids living off scraps haha.

Where did the name Storror come from?
lol, 99% of people call bullshit on this one, so we'll just let it sink in and word will spread in time ;)

What sacrifices have you all made to make this life possible? Are you living with your parents? Are you still at school? Do you have jobs? Any arguments with your parents about the life you live?
Woahh chill out buddy, but yh quality question. It's interesting that a lot of people assume it takes some kind of sacrifice to do this stuff, but really it's just some hardcore desire for adventure, if you really wanna get out there a see stuff, it's really not that hard, don't sit back and assume its the high life, that you can't do it, this all sounds a bit cliche but its fckin true haha. We all live with our parents and a few of us have just left college and work on some part time cleaning, retail and film work. Parkour jobs do their part as well. All our parents have fully embraced and support what we do which is wicked.

Where did you go? all the locations look the balls!
Sort of in order, we hit Italy, Switzerland, Austria, the entire south coast of France, Spain, Germany and a load of other places in the middle.

Do you have clips left over that didn't make the video?
You have absolutely no idea how much footage didnt make it into the final cut haha! My Chaps folder is a whopping 186gb, I used about 10 of that. We have a few ideas as to what to do with it all, stay tuned.

What hair products do you use?
Sweat from the balls of a wild moose that Sacha adopted a few years back.

What does Brooks do for a living? Professional badass?
We pay him to be funny for camera. lol jk, he converts lofts or something.

How did you afford all the travel?
A few of us saved for a good while for a couple of the trips but the majority are just paid expenses for the community events and stuff.

How long were you recording for this amazing video?
Ahh cheers, about 4 months I think, not too sure cause we didn't even know we were filming for it until a couple months in haha.

Did they catch you jumping off the bridge onto the barge/boat?
By 'they' im guessing you mean police or something, and nah, the driver spotted the guys about to jump and just shook his head like 'what?? nahhhhh' by the time he'd realised what happened the chaps were power swimming back to shore.

How dirty did you get jumping into the sand/grit on that boat?
As dirty as ur mom lol.

Who was the stupidest police officer you met haha?
'PC plod' from Guildford is just a living joke, always so so pissed off at life I actually feel sorry for him sometimes haha.

What's the single most important piece of advice you have to give, not just for traceurs but people everywhere? Do you ever regret choosing this life?
I'm still way too young to assume my advice is worthy, can't wait to be wise haha, but if I had too, it'd simply be the quote at the end of the video 'Don't get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life' It's hard to get through how savagely important that is to remember but imagine lying on your death bed and the things going through your head, you're not gonna care about that bonus you got for working overtime at ASDA or that uni you got into to secure a 'future', you're gonna remember that fckin mountain you climbed in a gale force thunder storm with all your best mates after being woken up and fending off wild boar cause you slept rough on a train station in the middle of nowhere only to get home skint and not give a shite cause it was all just pure epic. No regrets.


Is Max Cave the king of the castle?

Does toby prefer forward or backward rotation?
Both are gr8

How far are you going to take this? Will you form an internet community of supporters who look to change the world of movement as you're doing?
We're not really looking to change anything, if people are happy with what they're doing then alls good in hood homie.

Did Steve end up learning to speak goat?
Don't be stupid, obviously he didnt. Idiot.

Do you like spaghetti?
Yh, you?

What do you use to colour grade?
Magic Bullet (Looks, Mojo and Colourista) plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Was it hard to train and study when you were younger?
Depends what you want more, personally I knew I could scrape my school and college grades, so felt fine not hitting those A's and A*'s cause I was outside doing what I thought was more important (maybe bad idea, maybe good, who knows)

Will Storror ever be recruiting?
We didnt come together for commercial gain, we're just a bunch of mates. So nah, probably not haha.

Bruce Peninsula - Rosie
Hooray for Earth - No Love
Dropkick Murphys - The State of Massachusetts
Bliss n Eso - Act Your Age
Sleepmakeswaves - One Day I Will Teach You To Let Go Of Your Fears

How many arrests?

Who edited each section?
Sacha sent me the Brighton section (Bliss n Eso bit) a couple weeks before completion, I just stuck that in the middle of the rest which I'd done.

Best editing tips?
Sacha and I are pretty much on the same wavelength when it comes to editing these videos. I compulsively cut to the beat of whatever song I'm using, trying to generate as much harmony between the sound and visuals as possible, this compliments the song and the clips, boosting the entire project, you won't find many cuts in Chaps that aren't cut to a beat, that's just me though. Another thing is to try and film with the edit in mind, finding songs before you start shooting helps with this as you'll have a solid mood and atmosphere ground into your head to influence shots and all that stuff (this was a nightmare when it came to editing this one cause everyone was filming everything with different ideas in mind) Film laughter most importantly, you watch happy people, you'll be happy. Simple. 


Why do you love movement?
Imagine a world without movement.

Who's the most daring?
He's not officially Storror, but our good pal Ryan Walsh is a #fearless motherfcker

Out of the places you visted, which was the best and why?
pfff, no idea, all had their own little gems that made each one epic. I met Max, Drew and Benj 10 days after they'd started backpacking down the south coast of France, after 8 days on that adventure I shot off to Austria while they stayed for another week. Sleeping 'rough', up at sunrise, down at sunset, getting on trains for a couple hours and just getting off when we saw a sick mountain or beach, being woken up by police horses, sprinklers, more police, more sprinklers, mosquito's, wild boar, roaring trains, gale force winds, hunting fish, eating from bonfires (before the firebrigade came), and a load more lifey shit. That was one to do again somewhere else haha.

How does Callum have such big tits?
Noodles... so many noodles.

At what age did you all start this thing?
11-16, I think, dunno.

Did you expect to pick up the following you have? Where do you see it all in 5-10yrs time?
lol nah, absolute and utter accident, can't really thank anyone enough haha. Hopefully in that time we'll have enough adventurous knowledge to level up and help as many people as possible who wanna do the same thing.

What's next?
Roof Culture, be ready.

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