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'SEGAR STORIES' is the 4th instalment of the more specific training videos, most recently being the classic Drew and Benj duo. I'm the loner, living in Godalming far away from the rest of the Storror mob, so it made sense to go solo and focus on my own little project.

How did the idea start?
I was sifting through my horribly cluttered hard drive of random, un-used footage and came across the firework footage from 2 new year's ago. I chucked it all into a project and thought about making a lost footage episode for StorrorBlog... It all started coming together pretty nicely and the guys asked me when my training video was gonna be done, I hadnt started so just thought I'd  transform this little project and start filming specifically for the video.

You must be so rich to afford a camera that makes stuff look so good!
HAHAHA... I use a Canon 600D and most of the video is shot with a Tokina 11-16mm, apart from a few tighter shots with the Canon 50mm f/1.4 and a intervalometer for the timelapses. Good shots very rarely rely on expensive kit, look at Sacha's stuff, his Canon 550D and 18-55mm kit lens are both pretty fucked and he still manages to blow people away with godly footage haha. All the time I'm not training and bailing, I try to use my camera as much as possible, and when I'm editing I'll colour grade a sequence for hours. You cant go wrong if you learn your camera and software and experiment with filming techniques 24/7. Unless you're filming the first ever quad kong double gainer full. Then play it safe and dont fuck about.

Also had a few questions about the cloud title near the end, the coolest thing about this idea wasnt how it looked, but the fact I came up with the idea in a dream haha! For the edit kids out there it used 3 layers of video, the bottom layer was the normal timelapse clip,  the second layer was the 'Segar Stories' title and the third was the same timelapse clip but with the cloud colour keyed out so the title poked through. pretty simple but effective.

What's the song?
Frightened Rabbit - Keep Yourself Warm // the lyrics are a bit dodgey on the original, I had to cut it up to try and sort that out.

Injury scare? What happened? 
Since breaking myself being a fat retard in Lisbon, I'm scared of every jump ever. I train more safely now which means I'm progressing a lot more consistantly, I'm almost glad I taught myself such a harsh lesson haha.

Trackies, shoes, t-shirts?!
The Parkour trackies are from Take Flight, who have been helping me out big time in the past 6 months. I'm wearing Nike Air Vortex's which you can check out in Benj's most recent blog post and the Storror tee's that you obviously want are right here ;)

Whatever happened to Teghead?
Teige is being a badass mofo at leeds uni I think, smashing the fitness records and squatting bloody heavy stuff.

What game is that at the end?
Max has started bringing out a hackysack everywhere we go, so logically we spend more time keeping it up than we do jumping on walls haha. Recently the games leveled up, you can wait for footage but it basically ends up with a bunch of naked Storrors... as per.

Please make more of these training vids!
I've got some ideas for 'Toby Tales' but there's plenty more training vids in the pipeline, next up being Steven or Sacha's I think, dunno, they'll both be ace anyway.

Photographer - ​

Cheers, inabit.

//   Bochy's Best - SHOES
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