Max got shot... No biggie.


(Max Cave)
It was normal Sunday, I went out to train with the Horsham lot and Hamza who was down from Reading. We decided to hit this rooftop that had scaffolding on it, we had been there before and it was pretty sick so decided to take Hamza and have some fun...


I was climbing about and doing some strides when I noticed a guy in a window. I told the others that there was someone in the room below us, so we moved away. After a while we started to make our way down the building, I jumped down one level and turned around to speak to the others who were still on the roof above.

First up, I heard a fast whipping sound followed by pain in my torso. It felt like someone had thrown something at me.

The others were confused at what was up. I lifted up my top and found out I was bleeding pretty savagely, which confused everyone even more. I got helped back up to the level where the others were. I walked around a bit to see if I could see anyone and at this point I saw the same guy in a different window holding a massive gun.

I was like 'FUCK that' and told the others the situation before we all started to sketchily bomb it down the levels to the ground. I went one way and all the others went another, as I was running off I could hear shouting and screaming.

It turns out the nutter with the gun decided to shoot Luke Harty twice more, once when he was running off and again as he was climbing down the scaffolding, this was all after everyone telling the bloke that we weren't doing anything wrong and were on our way down. As I was climbing down people from a near by pub were shouting at me to stop climbing and to get down,  they were all pretty shocked when they soon found at I was bleeding and had been shot.


I got to the ground where I met back up with the others, I saw luke was bleeding from the arm and back. Some piss heads from the pub thought he'd been shot in the arm and the bullet came out the back. Another drunk women asked if we wanted to come with her to get the bullets taken out... After turning down that option someone called the police and they soon arrived. We jumped in the police car and were driven to the Ambulance where we got checked out and told to go to hospital to get a couple of X-rays which ended up showing that all 3 pellets were still in us.



The next day I had surgery to remove the pellet, 3 hours after that I was on the plane to France for an epic Storror adventure. Luke didn't have surgery and was told he would be fine to leave both pellets in his shoulder and back... He flew off to Japan for a month long Karate camp with the masters, specialising in anti weaponry... lol.

Eric Kington, the dodgey bloke that shot us is still pleading not guilty to the charge of ABH, he has a court hearing in December to decide what happens to him. Probably going to prison when he could of sorted the situation out by saying 'oi boys get down'... Silly silly trigger happy low life son of a old and shrivelled cow.

Moral of the story: If you're thinking about killing a Storror, hire a professional hit man.

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