F*ck it, it's D&B!



Some hardcore viewers might already know that we’ve been doing a series of training videos which feature particular members of the team. Starting with Callum’s, plus more recently Josh and Chris’. F*ck it, it’s D&B is the latest instalment of the series.

Where did the idea of D&B come from?
The idea of D&B came from a classic (shit) old school PK tune ‘Blood Sugar by Pendulum’. We thought it would be funny to make a video called ‘F*ck it, it’s D&B’ where the D&B stand for Drew and Benj rather than Drum and Bass. So logically, we combined our training videos and D&B was born.

What the f*ck is going on in the intro?
The intro was one of those classic Storror ideas which starts small and escalates quickly. Basically, we were bored, it was raining and cold, we needed to film an intro, what would you do?

...and yes it was fucking cold, the temperature was just hovering above freezing.

Why is such a huge proportion of the video filmed in Crawley?
Benj, Max, Steven and I, all live about 20 mins away from Crawley so we train there a fair bit, but recently we’ve been discovering some incredible spots behind the back of shops. So if you know of a strip of shops near your area, go check out the back because usually they are amazing...and if you do, tell us where you live.

Is Benj gay?
A bit yeah, I’d say yeah, most likely yeah, 100% yeah.

What shoes are you guys wearing in the video?
A lot of peeps still think we’re using Puma Cabana Racer II’s BUT, we’re not. Me and Benj (and Max and Toby) are currently wearing Nike Vortex’s which are about £35 and fucking good, and they look pretty snazzy too. Go get some.

How does Benj reverse vault like that?
Run really fast, take off sideways, use one hand.

What’s the music?
1. Big Bad Wolf by The Heavy
2. Mad Props by Da Youngsters

If you want to know any Storror tunes just check out the Storror Soundtrack on Spotify.

Whose training video is next?
Next up is likely to be Toby, his video is going to be amazing, stay tuned for that!



Drew and Benj

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