Cambridge Exploration Part 2

A Cambridge Exploration Part. 2... by Max Cave 

After the previous night's mayhem (Click Here for Part 1) we decided not to hit the rooftops and take it easy...

HAHA good joke, we were straight back on the roofs like nothing had happened. This time josh took us on a tricky mission that he'd done before with some of the Cambridge lads. 
It started off outside a little tea shop, everywhere had closed up so with all 8 of us gathered in the street, we were waiting until the coast was clear to climb the first building and get going on some ninja shit. One by one we took it in turns to climb up and onto the top of the roof. Josh went first and sped up like a little ape, not phased by the drop using little ledges and window hinges to hold onto before the overhang at the very top. We were all pretty nervous at the climb but were all up safe and sound in no time.

We carried on, silently skuttling across a few more flat and simple rooftops and finally arrived at the uni accommodation where we climbed down a fire escape to ground level, there were students in their rooms and security on patrol so we hopped between a few shadows and began a new climb. This one was a bit risky, shifting up and past 4+ stories of uni apartments.


At the top Josh showed us the jump he'd been talking about, to carry on the mission we had to jump from the apartment block 4+ stories up across to another building, it was pretty disgusting, a good drop, and in the dark.

Josh went first, bounced off and died a horrible death.

Jokes, he landed on the leaded slant and checked everything was good before signalling over to us. Toby, Callum and I then followed and managed the jump safe and sound. As benj was just about to jump we heard the rattling of keys. Someone was trying to find the key to open the door which opened out just to the left of the take-off. They had to get a move on if they didnt want to be busted so all ran off the other way to climb down the way we came. They got to ground level and saw one of the residents unlocking the front gate with his access card and perfectly timed a silent run to slip out just behind the unsuspecting student.

Meanwhile on the other roof Josh, Toby, Callum and I were hiding in a tight gap between the overhan of the roof we jumped too and the next block of apartments. The dude trying to find the right key obviously failed, but by this point the site security guards on the ground floor were on point, walking around shining torches up at all the rooftops. We hid in this gap staying as still and silent as possible, trying to look as least human as possible, just incase the torches peeked over the edge, this wasnt helped by Callum's onset of cramp, haha nightmare.

The torch beams skimmed past us a few times before the guards gave up and stopped the search. By this point we decided the coast was clear. We scuttled across some sketchy tiles and after a few healthy height drops we were at ground level once again. We shimmyed over one of the front gates and back onto the streets of Cambridge but the problems were'nt over.

'Oi boys stop there!' we looked behind us and saw a police officer sprinting our way, calling through for backup and trying to explain the situation. Of course we gave it legs and this useless overweight lump of an officer had no chance against the blinding pace of 4 amazing world class school record holding Parkour and sprint champion athletes.

Into the shadows of Cambridge, planning the next Storror adventure.

Moral of this story: 'Without a few helicopters and 400 angry dogs... Don't bother'

// Squats = Big Jump, an intro to resistance training for Parkour

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