Cambridge Exploration


A Cambridge Exploration... by Max Cave 

It was a busy Saturday evening in Cambridge, all the Storror's were out exploring.

We had left our bags and tents on a roof where we had set up camp and planned on sleeping the next few nights and decided to go for a little night mission on the rooftops of Cambridge, renowned for being ridiculously good. After about 30mins of climbing, shimmying and scuttling across tiles like Storror ninjas we came to a massive death drop with scaffolding built all the way up to our position. There was a bar that went from the roof we were on to another roof about 9ft across, we all decided it would be a sick challenge balance across to the other roof... CHALLENGE ON. 

Max was up first, and in no time we all managed to successfully balance across this sketchy bar in the dark. Pumped to carry on we were pretty annoyed to find a dead end so after a short chilling sesh we decided to return. As we looked over the edge to check the coast was clear we noticed the night club security and some pisshead clubbers pointing up at the roof. They must have spotted the Storror shadow warriors on the way over and raised alarm... Nightmare. 

We had a little situation on our hands, the only way back was the the way we came, balancing along the bar. But this time we had to do it without being spotted by the security who were now shining torches up in suspicion.

One at a time we sneakily dashed across the bar, as Benj came over he was spotted by the piss'eads and security down below. Leaving Steven the last man, stuck on the roof. 

By this point the security had called the police, Steve had to hurry otherwise he'd be stuck on the roof surrounded by the po-po, security and drunks. We all took vantage points and signalled when the coast was clear. Steve managed to cross unnoticed, earning the big man some serious ninja stealth points. The people below were still pretty sure we were still on the rooftops and we needed get down sharpish so instead of trekking the long and hard mission back the way we came we decided to sneak down the layers of scaffolding toward the eagle eyed drunks and work out our next move later on.

Initiating ninja mode was difficult, the scaffold planks and ladders were causing an absolute racket and only thing hiding us was the shitey nylon cover running down the side of the scaffold. We got to the last level and dropped one at a time to ground level. The security spotted us pretty quick but in no time we'd merged into the crowds like assassins. Some people noticed but they were too pissed outa their stupid little heads to realise what was going on... thank fuck for them posh inbred plebs. 

The adventures were far from over, we headed back to our rooftop tents for a well deserved sleep. Stay tuned for part 2 of the hectic weekend.


Moral of the story: Play assassins creed, its handy.



// Movement Clothing, where's it heading?

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