Bochy's Top Ten Videos of 2012


Bochy's Best - Top Ten Vids of 2012... by Benj Cave

10 - Take Your Time

Just to begin, my number 10, purely for the ridiculous amount of amazing stuff going on, literally too much to mention. But I must say the best bit has to be the double catpass gainer, what the actual fuck. featuring Alexander Zyulev, Pasha and another one of their crazy mates.


9 - Boss Mode 

Such a sick one from the Farang lads, I would put it down as a top class solid edit. There aren't many videos i'll watch for a second and third time but this was a stormer. Favourite clip is pashas 360 dive roll by a mile, tried them in gym the week after, bloody hard and horribly disorientating. Good job.


8 - BSM: Blue Shorts Massive

Quality edit from the Brewer brothers, they have a habit of making fucking huge jumps look tiny, so when something looks hench, its hench. All topped off with the dodgey blue swimming shorts, bought when they forgot their own at Guildford diving, can you imagine shinning! Best bit is 100% the last clip of Ross with the catpass precision to dive catpass, i've been there and that takes some iron testicals.


7 - Letters from the sky

Kie Willis has got legs. An amazing edit from the talented englishman, surprisingly well edited and filmed and not to mention the massive stuff going on. I enjoyed pretty much every bit of movement in the video, but for me the top clip was the massive sideflip roof gap straight into the thief off, it looked sweet as fuck.


6 - Globus The Movie

Unbelievably meaty video from the Danish lads. Don't actually understand how Jim and Joe can lache that far! My favourite bit is pretty much any of those stupid huge lache's you can see haha i’m not fussed. And the bail compilation around the middle of the vid, pure gold.



This is pro, the combination of the songs and the movement made me not only want to visit spain but to go out and train right away. Quality and control all the way through. I was hard to pick a highlight, but the thing I found so sick was when Aral did the double catpass and had to stop real quick to avoid taking a dip in the water, sickness.


4 - Will Sutton Parkour 2012 

Such an amazing production, possibly one of my favourite movers and editors in the PK business, this video didn't let me down. My best bit was the kick to cartwheel arabian on the top of the hill at night, bloody beautiful. Nicest bloke going as well.


3 - Clean your mind. Summer 2012. Parkour.

Top production once again from the GUP gang. When you hang around with Phosky you know shit is going down, I mean sideflip to double sideflip!? haha fucking nutter. Another video upping my desire to head over and session spain, might just have to go tbh. Full of unbelievable pk, topped off with the huge downwards catpass precision half way through the video, stuck it like pritstick, wow. 


2 - Adventures of the Johnnys 

Top Ten hotting up! My second favorite video of 2012. I watched this first with Toby and Max on my phone eating dinner, and after the first couple of minutes we felt guilty with full HD just upstairs, it was fucking sick! The filming, editing and movement in this is all so pro, its the best edit in my oppinion that shows the unbelievable fun times you have when you're out traveling and training with your best pals, basically go out now! filmed and edited by the legend Jurian Gravett. Best bit is all of it, simple.


1 - Dawn To Dusk

My personal favorite video of 2012. An unparalleled video by Joel Eggimann. Every time I watch this it makes me want to pack my bags and leave this country... right away. Its such an inspirational peice and makes anyone want to get up, travel, meet new people and train. He must have had the most unreal Summer. Once again, its impossible to pick a highlight, this 6ft+ monster has had a stormer! What a video! There's also a 3 part extended version, which the boss is selling on DVD hahaaaa! Click Here to support Joel.

Extended Version Part 1
Extended Version Part 2
Extended Version Part 3



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