Movement Clothing - Where's It Going?

To be honest, us Storrors think most movement clothing is GAY AF, and usually anything that is remotely cool has no variety, or is extortionately expensive. This doesn’t seem right.

Parkour is all about expressing yourself creatively. So how we portray ourselves through fashion and what we wear should reflect this. Part of the problem is a vicious cycle; there aren’t enough units getting shifted to warrant using pro designers, so designs are lame and units don’t get shifted. This all stems from possibly a very 
British culture of ‘naaaaaa, I won’t buy that, although I like it, coz I don’t want to be a ‘fanboy’’.

I say fuck that shit, it’s all about reppin’ something cool you want to be associated with. Be proud of what you do.

There are some guys (apart from us) who are dropping some gnarly designs and heading in the right direction...

Storm Freerun - The original line designed by Jan Barci, is what springs to mind straight away. Some 80's retroness at a reasonable price, you can't go wrong. Strong design that hadn't been seen before in Parkour, definitely bucked the trend, and I'm sure sales reflected this. 

Farang - These guys are the first in Parkour to print onto uniquely custom designed tees, I'm loving the casual design because it doesn't shout Parkour but for anyone who recognises the symbol it's cool as fuck. (Although I do have a phobia of baggy necklines).

Tru Freedom - Tempest have been doing well with varation, they've got a huge range of shirts, pants, hoodys and hats meaning you don't have to turn up to a jam wearing the same tempest uniform, everybody can be wearing different stuff - which is obviously cool. Occasionally they do verge on using some dodgey quotes, but hey they're American - what do you expect!

Lost Boys - I haven't seen much else from TLB apart from their classic family tee in different colourways which I really like, it's just a slick, simple logo which looks banging on a tee.

Slowly good design is creeping in, but for the most part it’s queer ‘inspirational’ phrases and lame silhouettes slapped on primary coloured t-shirts. Who wants to wear a tee that makes you cringe when you read it?!

SO... where's it all heading...

With Storror we're trying to develop the industry by using more casual design that isn’t so in your face 'I DO PARKOUR', and is more about the culture. This means it will not only work to wear whilst training, it’s also versatile enough to work with everyday casual wear. I’m drawing from influenential original skate and surf brands like Stussy, DC, Thrasher, Diamond, and aNYthing, as well as some up-and-coming streetwear names like Y&R, Seventy Seven, and Hype. I hope these influences show more in the forthcoming Storror lines, the second being dropped in a few weeks.

I expect if not already doing so, other brands will follow suite and many more brands will emerge in the coming years. We'll start to see a snowball effect, and soon you'll be able to go out dressed head to toe in different movement brands and not feel ashamed and look like a power ranger. We see the industry having the potential to follow in skate's footsteps, in that a niche subculture has broken out into mainstream culture. I mean think how many people wear Vans even though they don't skate!?

The growth of industry will inevitably lead to better design, and wider variety which is what we all want. So we just need to man the fuck up and buy into what we love doing. The continuing growth will lead to benifits for everyone, including more readily available and lucrative sponsorship deals for athletes, and eventually will mean more of us can make a living from Parkour and won't have to sit in an office 9-5 wasting away!


So, while you're in the mood. Go represent...

Storm Freerun
Air Wipp


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