Get your sprint on


Cave brothers testing their legs... by Max Cave.

(We're always out exploring places most people don't, and the easiest time to do this is after dark. Clearly our motives can be misunderstood so it makes sense for the authorities to think we're causing a ruckus. Basically, we're just being ninjas cause its fun and makes for some sick ass photos)

Benj and I were out climbing on a friday night in our hometown Horsham. Being Friday, it wasnt exactly quiet, there were mobs of youth littered around town, mostly gathered around the highstreet Costa Coffee near by shops. Benj and I were heading across the highstreet rooftops opposite the gathering which comprised of about 50 teens, 2 police officers and 1 street warden, a challenging bunch.

We had to traverse a pretty open space of roof so sorted out a little plan to drop down onto the lower roof and scuttle along the tile tops without being spotted by the mob of humans below... EASY! or so we thought.

Ninja Benj was up first. As he dropped down to the tiles, safe and sound, he was spotted instantly by some eagle eyed pleb in the crowd, word quickly spread and in no time everyone were pointing and heckling as Benj scuttled along the tiles like an agile squirrell ninja. He reached the opposite roof and climbed up. As he peered over to check the gathering, the 2 officers shined there touches right in his face. Massive fail.

He looked back at me and used some Storror sign language to meet around the other side while the police officer was shouting up at him 'oi get down from that roof!'. Benj ran around the back of the rooftop and had to do a dirty downward jump over a massive death drop in the dark to meet me and sort out an evasion plan. There was only one exit on the ground to get out of this place but it would be way too risky and we thought the police would just cut us off. We decided to speed climb it across the highstreet tiles to a roof we were pretty sure we could climb down to safety.

On arrival, we suddenly noticed the height and semi regretted our decision. The shopping centre security were scouting from the multi story car park trying to spot us. By this point the shop alarm was on a mad one which made things much worse, we pretty much looked like we were trying to rob the place. Peering over the edge of the roof, we checked the coast was clear of cops and prepared for the nasty height drop. Remembering 'Episode 46 - 'Taking the height drop'' I decided it was no problem... Boom. Concrete. Pain. Life goes on. Lets go.

At landing I noticed a police officer at the bottom of the street running my way. I shouted up to benj who was still on the roof and started to run off. Benj dropped when the police officer was dangerously close. The chase was on. He dodged the officer and started sprinting off, luckily this dude was slightly on the tubby side and had no chance against the school cross country champion Bochy C. Benj was clear of danger but thought it would be safe to head off on a 4 mile trek across fields and ended up back home safe and sound.

I wasnt sure if Benj had escaped because I shot off in the opposite direction past a local pub. The two huge black bouncers on the door spotted the police, heard the alarm and saw me sprinting off. A pretty obvious combo. They told me to stop but i accidentally totally on purpose ignored them, I looked back and saw that both of them where chasing so I picked up the pace a little. These bouncers had some serious legs, every time I looked back they were getting closer and closer. Basically I was being chased by Usain Bolt's brother and his long lost cousin from CroydonI sprinted round a corner and spotted a couple of 6ft walls, so instinctively hopped over them both. On the other side there was a private car park behind some shops, there was only one exit to the main road, or back the way I came. I looked back at the walls and could see the 2 bouncers peering over at me. I headed straight for the exit gate but as soon as I saw the 2 bouncers run around to cut me off I changed direction and popped back over the 2 walls I came over originally. Thankfully the two bouncers were fooled by the ninja fake and the coast was clear to casually jog off. I looked back and in the distance I could see the 2 bouncers running around clueless as to were I had gone. A subtle feeling of ultimate satisfaction sent me home where Benj was chilling outside the house chuffed to know i hadnt be knicked and ready to share some sick ass stories hahaaa!

Moral of the story: Don't chase a Storror.


More Storror Stories coming soon...



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