Malta Cliff Jumping 2012


Day 1
Everyone met at Gatwick airport and after some inevitable fooling around we checked in and boarded our flight, Malta bound. As usual we were shocked at the overwhelming heat as we stepped off the plane. We got to our hotel at around twelve and to follow tradition got changed into just swimming shorts straight away and sprinted to the ocean for our first dip in the med! We were doing ten metre jumps at the castle spot into pitch black within half an hour of arriving in Bugibba. After a few hours of jumping and messing, went back to the hotel acknowledged how shit it was, and finally went to bed.

"Off to film Malta cliff jumping 2012, in a bit"


Day 2 
We woke up nice and early to catch breakfast (which was pretty shoddy and not up to Storror standards), then we all headed out to a local spot we found last year to ease into things to come! A bit of snorkelling, a few flips and dives went down and we decided we were ready to check out some new spots. Looked after by Christian; we hopped on a bus to Valetta to hit up a bridge that he’d scouted for us earlier in the year. Once we got there we did the usual check of the water, and decided it was too shallow so we couldn’t do the jump. We were quickly proved wrong as an overweight local flung himself off demonstrating that the depth of the water wasn’t an issue. Naturally we all ran up and plummeted as well – first new jump DONE. We then gradually moved down the stretch of concrete we were jumping over, and drilled some flips from the edge for a good while. This included Callum launching a kid into the sea who had said ‘Storror are shit’ – was only fair.

After we’d finished exploring we hurried back for dinner at the hotel, over dinner a classical Storror plan was concocted. We decided on swimming out to a quarter-of-a-million pound boat with some vodka, pack of cards and of course the cameras in Benj’s water proof bag, and chill for a few hours – absolutely fool proof it seemed. After a few rounds of ‘cheat’ and drinks, we noticed someone on the shore became very interested in us. As the shore was a good 200m away we presumed he couldn’t make anything out so ignored it for a while, UNTILL another figure appeared and they were both talking and pointing and the boat. We decided to cut our losses and pack up our shit, chuck the empty bottles over board and slip into the water. During our tipsy swim back, we saw a police car role up by the two guys. At this point we started panicking with half of us wanted to run, and the other half wanted to confront the police – we immediately turned to the ‘Dad’ Jason to decide what to do. The story was that we’d been swimming and Benj had suddenly got cramp so we all had to climb on the boat for him to recover. So, sure enough as we climbed out and started walking round the Maltese police confronted us with torches, thanks to the groups refined art of bull-shitting and a touch of Benj’s acting we managed to convince them. Back to the hotel.

Day 3
Day 3 was an organised event we’d planned for some malteasers to meet us at the ‘pink building’ spot from last year, about fifty guys and girls showed up and we had a sick day jumping and messing around with the locals, Sacha also busted out a savage front from the top and executed it perfectly. The ‘Times of Malta’ also made an appearance to do a piece on our return.

Jason used his charm, and expert negotiating skills to get us lift back home to Bugibba on a speed boat. This was a much better option than the sweaty bus ride – and we also managed to get some snazzy shots. After another very average dinner we had a round of the number game the forfeit being a go on the karaoke in front of the whole hotel. To everyone's amusement Toby lost and sung his heart out to the tune of ‘I’m sexy and I know it’ ending with a hilarious dive into the pool and a sprint back upstairs. Somehow we weren’t content and after much persuasion the music king Callum stepped up to the plate giving ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ a whirl which was unexplainably funny and we were all belly laughing the whole way through – look out for this in the extras video. 

Day 4
Day 4 was the day of the amazing blue lagoon. We hopped on the hornblower boat cruise to Comino after making friends with them last year at around ten. This was another spot we’d visited last year with crystal clear, turquoise water. The boat is perfect height to try some wild flips so we spent a couple of hours messing around, both max and drew trying monkey gainers from the rail and failing. In the same lagoon there are some nice sized cliffs, a twenty minute swim through caves and open water away. Sacha, Toby, Benj and Drew all got the gainer down, the start of things to come. Fish boy Whitley incredibly managed an underwater mission through this cave which is ridiculously far and deep right next to the jump. Got back in time for dinner and decided to go out to hit up the clubs of Paceville, this was a good night overall despite slow start and losing Callum half way through the night. 

Day 5 

We woke up pretty tired from the previous night, and soon made the decision to go to the castle spot not far from where we were. Some more locals tagged along, and Callum as per usual threw one of them off the cliff onto her back. It was a casual day and the highlight was a group shot involving Benj and Max doing a running clear over a rail followed by a dive front by Sacha. We went and got some McDonald's then headed for the boat party that Toby had organised. We didn’t really know what to expect, but it was another good night, made that bit more entertaining because we were allowed to dive off the boat. 

Day 6

We woke up at the crack of dawn, in order to get transport to the ferry to Gozo, home of the azure window. After a swift jog to catch the ferry and a trip across the med we met up with the jeep guys who had agreed to take anywhere all day. Neil thought of a new spot we might like, and off we went. We promptly spotted some big jumps and after a bit of prepping and water checking, Sacha got up there and gainered it straight away! This was by far the highest jump of the trip so far so we were all pretty impressed. One by one we all plummeted off and felt confident to face our arch nemesis – the arch.

Of course we were all pretty anxious again as it’s such a huge jump. Filled with confidence from earlier we all strolled up to assess the situation, apart from Jason who hung back. After much discussion about the height, Jason soon followed suit.  He was walking up slowly and asking questions about where it was safe, the depth and stuff then as he got to the top “I’m not sure about this guys it looks kind of biii......” with that he jumped off, from the top, leaving us all mouths open and in absolute awe. He’d only been on the arch for ten seconds and had already done it. Once we’d got over the shock of Jason’s bollocks, Benj, Max, Toby and Drew played a quick game of rock paper scissors with no conclusion, so we all jumped together. The sea was pretty rough so it made getting out difficult, but once we were out with no problems we were all relieved. Callum and Steve were next for the jump and after some extremely loud swearing from Callum they did it. Callum has never been so happy as when he punched back up through the water.

"The lightning is striking like mad! Malta fighting back after today"


Sacha was up next with no doubt to what he was contemplating, the gainer. After about ten tense minuets of waiting, Toby gave the signal from the top to start cameras. The gainer was almost like sky diving and the all important entry to the water was perfect. It was the most intense day by far, and possibly the biggest achievement of Sacha’s life! We got back watched the ridiculous footage and then went to dinner. Over dinner a crazy electrical storm started up giving us a two hour lightning display, which of course we made the most of and went out filming as much as we could.

Day 7
Everyone was pretty shattered from the previous day so we hung about in our rooms for a while before going out. The frequent cracks of lightning made it apparent the storm still hadn't passed, but nevertheless we decided to go snorkelling with our home made buoyancy aids. It was a right old blast but as we were in the water the Maltese took a turn for the worst and even more water and chucked it down. On the way back to the hotel the roads and streets were literally like rivers up to our knees. Of course being Storrors we made the most out of the opportunity swimming in the road, and encouraging cars to splash us which the locals seemed to find extremely amusing photographs of us ended up on the news before we left!

Day 8
On the last day of this incredible trip we very much saved the best for last, we packed up our stuff and left it in the luggage room then headed down to the dock to meet with our speed boat driving friend Simon. Our first journey was over to Comino again to get some shots we hadn’t earlier in the week. The initial drive was bloody bumpy and none of us were that sure we liked it, but as the sea settled down it was amazing being able to go so fast on water. We spent the day checking out some incredible spots Simon and Neil knew that were inaccessible without a boat so we found plenty of new locations and made the most of them. After getting some incredible shots with a second boat, we headed back to the boat and said our goodbyes. We sneaked in a last dinner before our transport arrived to pick us up and back to London we go.

It was genuinely an incredible week with some amazing people, we want to say thanks for putting up with us! PS. Don’t stay in The Bugibba Hotel, it’s shit. 

Thanks to 
Simon Cutajar
Karl Cutajar
Kevin at Hornblower Cruises
Safari Tours
Neil Bezzina
Christian Schembri
Elena and Gloria (twit twoo)
and everyone who attented our event at Fekruna...

Log by Drew Taylor and Benj Cave

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