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We were contacted by some dudes over at LTG Parkour who invited us to blitz the city of Tijuana for their national gathering. After becoming best mates with an American family, Toby, Benj and Drew hopped on the 10am flight to Charlotte. The 3 of us were immediately going nuts about the movie choice on the airplane and it was our first time out of europe so there was some understandable excitement going on haha. 3 movies later we arrived in Charlotte to catch a connecting flight to San Diego, easier said than done. On arrival to the US Toby got torn to shreds by a border control officer. Not surprising really, what group of 18yr old boys gets picked up at the aiport and taken across the boarder to jump on walls in the drug ridden city of tijuana?

Aboard the San Diego flight we were woken by a message from the pilot preparing for crash landing... lol jk, we had to stop off at Phoenix because of some bollocks fog at San Diego. Expecting to be given a 5* hotel for the night we where surprised to find that 1. the airline wasnt paying, and 2. fuck, we had no money. Benj and Drew made another best mate, who ended up offering to pay for our rooms on his business card, result!.. our luck however, did not improve, we lost the bastard but whilst chatting about our sticky situation a lovely family over heard and insisted on sorting us out with 60 dollah! After working out why everyone was being so kind (benj's cheeky smile) we set off to find a great place to sleep. On our epic search we bumped into a girl who later went on to book our flights, contact the Mexicans AND show us the best beds in the airport... Starbucks sofas. Cheers Gloria!

"Stuck in phoenix... any locals about to give us a hand? pfffuck"

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8 hours later we headed off to San Francisco where we sprinted for the connection down to San Diego... 40 hours from leaving our homes and we'd finally made it. We were greeted by a gang of Mexicans and a few American sidekicks were also there to collect us tired brits. After crossing the boarder we stopped off for some heavenly burritos before arriving at Christians pad where we'd be staying for the week. After some fun swings n jumps on his garden setup we popped off to the beach where we shot some gawj sunset tumbling and storrory stuff. Some random dudes called us over and pulled out a snake! whats going on haha? After passing it round and snapping some photos we got some more grub and headed back to catch up on some sleep.

The 3rd day began annoyingly early, we'd prepared ourselves for a meaty lie in but before we knew it we were wide awake and devouring the delicious mexican breakfast that Christian's mum sorted us out with. We filled up and headed off to the Cultural Centre, a massive building shaped like a fancy ball, pretty strange cause 3 minutes down the road it was just slummy streets with kids playing in rubbish. After filming a few bits and bobs we moved on to some other local spots, one of which was a workout park type thing where Toby did a cool little awkward swingaroo move. Twas a good day of practice and was only topped off that night when us brits were introduced to the mighty game by the name of beer pong.

Day 4 began the LTG Party. It started at 3 so we went out training before hand and spotted two abandoned buildings, after checking out the area and exploring all over we sussed it was a bloody good spot! After some proper fun jumps and some ncie footage we headed off to the event. We were greeted by the local media and began coaching and training with all the dudes and dudettes who attended, all went smoothly so we headed back to Christians pad where we were given some more heavenly grub and began discussing a beer pong World Cup. The teams had been decided the evening before... Benj and Drew, the pure british team. Toby and Zak, the American/English hybrid. Josh and Alex, the yanks. Andrew and Christian, the college boyu team. And finally the Mexican duo, Miguel and Genaro.

The tournament began, after some serious tension and endless battling, Benj and Drew found themselves in the final against the hybrid monsters Toby and Zak. It was an epic battle, tears were shed, blood was spilled, friends were lost... Toby and Zak where no match for the all British duo Benj and Drew. They had won the first ever LTG beer pong World Cup.


"Epic night of beer pong, won the World Cup"

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The second day of the event was held in a local gym and got going at 3pm so Christian took us to another beach in the morning, the rock/beach/ocean combo was incredible and for some reason, empty?! There was ofcourse an Instagram frenzy, Toby and Drew kept the camera's to hand and got a hefty amount of photos and footage, Josh Hill said it was like a dream, pffhaha stupid fag (but it was really). Us chaps are always annoyed at the ridiculous health and safety rules in the UK, but this gym was ridiculous haha, pure death trap. At first we were surprised by the sharp concrete edges right next to the high bar, then our worries leveled up, Lonnie (the most american dude in america) casually hopped onto the trampoline only to find his legs plowing through a massive hole with rubble and concrete below, covered by a thin patchy mat. In fits of laughter we covered up a few protruding bolts, swept away a couple of bear traps and fished a few knives out of the foam pit... the gr8 day was topped off with another Mexican banquet waiting for us back at LTG headquarters.

The final day of the jam began with a quick trip to the local flea market, such a culturally cool place, crazy foods and no highway code made for a few more instas before digging into a massive tasty breakfast that to our amazement, cost the same as a mars bar in the UK haha! We spent the rest of the daylight hours jamming, jiving, ducking and diving with the local traceurs. The DJ's beats got Josh dancing. Before we knew it, he was teaching us all an 8 count routine, we nailed it in no time but had no idea how serious it was gonna get haha! We trained hard into the night, tripling the length of the routine and planned on hitting hard the next morning, with a backstreet boys comeback.

A 5am wake up call sent us to Los Angeles for the day, after 4 strip searches and the confiscation of Benj's new poncho we crossed the boarder. The plan was to visit the Tempest Academy for the day but some stupid children were having a bloody birthday party. But no worries, that meant we had time to film the traceur dance routine of the year. We did a quick location scout and found a car park with a badass backdrop. After adding a few more counts to the routine we sorted out a blitz formation and hit record... 25 takes later we nailed it, and couldnt wait for everyone online to cringe at our flawless choreography.
Tempest looked so sick, they sorted us out with a private session so we had the whole place to ourselves, result! We were only there for a couple of hours and got so much done in that time, definately worth a re-visit ASAP! We set off for San Diego to begin our meaty flight home, bidding fairwell to the American lads along the way, such a good bunch of yanks... On arrival we handed out a few Storror tee's to the Mexican trio, Christian, Miguel and Genaro were such beasty hosts so after a few manly handshakes and sobbing goodbyes we boarded our flight to Charlotte... fuck, not more travelling.

We arrived in Charlotte early the next day and had a 12 hour stayover to look forward to. We got some grub and found somewhere to catch up on a few hours of well earned kip. Benj got the ping pong out which occupied us for a short while before finishing our cash on a godly Burger King. A few more hours of ping pong and we boarded flight 732 to f*ckin LONDON. woop. jetlag. the end.


All funded by the badass dudes at LTG Parkour  -

Special Thanks - 
Christian Rosales Vera
Genaro Manzano
Miguel Mora

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