Havoc in Holland


On July 17th I hopped out of bed at 2.00am to pick up Drew, Max, Benj and Toby to drive to Stanstead Airport. We parked up and got there around 4.30am. Where we met Callum, Sacha and Josh. After laughing a shit load at Callum's cracking jokes we boarded the short 45 minute plane journey and arrived 8.45am. After a greeting with the savage weather, and a 1 hour wait for our lift and a little nap in the cars Kevin Alsemgeest, Thyrone Paas and the other locals drove us to a crazy little freerun setup in a hall. The chaps had built the mini park over the past 5 days with trampolines, bars, boxes and crash mats, the perfect place to wake up and cram in some early filming and fun.

Some serious neck ache during the trip from the airport

We then pissed off to where the jam was taking place, some massive gymnasium. There were some proper gymnasts training so the Dutch guys showed us the Parkour Park right outside, had fun training there for an hour then enetered the massive gym, we all went nuts, with the gym to ourselves it was so good! It wasnt long untill a few mates from Belgium and the Netherlands arrived and we all dug in to the Chinese meal that suddenly turned up in the kitchen. We trained a little more and set off for the beach where we planned on going for a quick dip. After deciding otherwise we promptly returned and got some well earned kip in the gym after nabbing a few blocks from the foam pit for pillows.

The crazy good gym - Photo by Tim Vanderwaeren

Chilling where a few of us slept - Photo by Tim Vanderwaeren

The day of the official jam started with a pretty shoddy breakfast but the guys at FreeFlow Den Haag set up another outdoor facility with temporary bar structure and air track, so all was good. Over 200 people turned up for the '4 the Love of Movement' event and just as it was about to start Callum grabbed the microphone and got everyones attention, I can't remember the joke but it was bloody funny and we don't think any of the local guys understood haha! The rest of the day was spent killing it with all the ladies n gents at the jam. Key, some gutsy chap from Belgium stepped up to the mark and announced the Storror T-shirt sale, we sorted out a little stool and with Callums selling expertise we got rid of the t's in no time. ‘it was made by God himself' and 'this would looking bloody great on you' were a few of Callum's flawless punch lines, he'd hold a shirt up to the customer and Jurian would take a sneaky photo, simply to show them how beautiful they looked. Towards the end of the jam we had a meaty BBQ, then it rained and we all went into the gymnasium. We carried on training till late and got up to some Storror mischief but you have to watch the video to find out what happened.

Max up to some shifty business - Photo by Tim Vanderwaeren

The final day began with a few nutty dutch guys asking us if we'd like to join them at the beach for some conditioning and stuff. We kindly told them to do 1 and went straight back to sleep, we were all pretty destroyed. It started to tip it down outside and we could only laugh at the guys getting all sweaty 20 minutes at the bloody beach haha! Max, Toby, Sacha and Josh started playing with the rings and bars in the corner of the gym, so almost nailing a little ring and high bar combo but not quite completing the mission. We played around for a couple more hours before packing our bags getting a move on for a massive McDonalds and the plane back to equally soggy England.

Nico on the funnest trampoline effer - Photo by Tim Vanderwaeren 

We got to the check-in and Callum couldn’t find his passport or boarding pass. The day we arrived Drew stole Callum’s passport from his bag and Benj then stole it from Drew, but no one could find it and both Benj and Drew found themselves in a circle of guilt. Callum was a shifty geezer and pulled out his passport before mentioning the joke had seriously backfired and that he'd genuinely lost his boarding pass... nightmare. After nabbing his passport back from Benj he'd convinced them they'd lost it. He dashed off to sort out printing his boarding pass, after printing the wrong pass twice in a row and the printer running out of paper, Callum was starting to panic, but being a Storror, sweet talked a smokin hot member of staff in to re-filing the printer. We made it back to the damp UK safe and sound. 

Big Thanks to Mark van Swieten, Kevin Alsemgeest, Bart Bouwman, Thyrone Paas and every one else from Freeflow Den Haag. We had a bangin time.

Log by Steven & Toby
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