Episode 100 Q&A


We recieved a crazy response for our most recent episode 'Storror's Hundred'. Here are a few answers to the questions that popped up...

Q1. What was your aim for episode 100 when you started? 

The aim of the episode was simply to make it stand out as a celebration for the 100th episode. We wanted to film something that had never been seen in a parkour video before, we had the idea from the start to make a zip line, all we needed to do ontop of that, was some meaty parkour.


Q2. What shoes were you wearing in the video how much did your shoes cost?

All of us during the filming of episode 100 were wearing puma cabana racers. They cost £20-£30 pounds, depends how lucky you get.


Q3. How long did it take Max and Benj to edit 100?

It took roughly 3-4 mouths to film and edit, we would add to the edit every time we got some new footage. Every now and then some of the others would come round and help us out as it was the first time Benj and I had edited on Adobe Premiere.



Q4. Are you going to make more videos like Lisbon has us now? 

Yes we aim to make a lot more videos like that, we'd love to travel to as many different countries as possible, obviously making videos along the way. We're all off to Holland next week so look out for that one, aswell as a few throughout Summer.


Q5. What are the names of both songs used in episode 100 and how do you choose the soundtrack for your episodes?

The first song was 'The Checks - Jet Plane' and the second song was 'The Gift - Made For You'. Toby found both the songs, we wanted something a bit different and had to really back up the gawjus footage with somethng nice. We tend to keep the songs in our videos relatively upbeat and positive, sometimes a song might be dog awful on your ipod but work perfectly with your footage.



Q6. Is Benj single and ready to mingle?

Hell yeah. Signed big Benj cave xoxoxo


Q7. How do you do the cool flash transitions and the super fast clip change flashes? 

Pick a clip and speed it up loads, make it about 4 frames long, use additive dissolve to transition to a normal speed clip, make the transition about 5 or 6 frames for a blitz effect.


Q8. Why does Steve Whitely barely feature? 

Firstly it's Whitley you dumb fuck. And Steve did feature in the last part of the episode, but he had an injury during part of filming, also he’s a working man so leave it out yer. Cheers.



Q9. Can you name the locations where everything was filmed?

Horsham, Crawley, Redhill, Reading, Brighton, Portsmouth, Guildford and and the sand quarry place location classified.


Q10. Did you get sand in your pants in the last scene? 

Hahaha wait for the extra’s video. Cullum got more than just sand in the pants.



Q11. Did you make the zip line, if so how did you make it?

Yep we made the zip line. My brothers a tree surgeon so he had all the equipment needed to make it, the original plan was for my brother to come and safely set it up for us but on the day he was busy. Luckily Toby’s bushcraft knowledge of knots and Benj’s years of experience from Scouts meant that the zip line was set up safely with no deaths. It was a massive success, bravo Toby and Benj 


Q12. Does Toby’s collar bone feel weird when he does an arm jump or catpass, or is it completely fine now?

If he can go down a bloody crazy zip line I’m sure he can cat pass and arm jump. But yer Toby was still recovering for the early stages of episode 100. But now he has fully recovered.



Q13. What does Storror mean?

Clearly a Storror novice. It's my family’s middle name.


Q14. Why is Chris Brooks not featured in episode 100?

Chris is a very busy man looking after his kid. But I’m sure he will be featuring in episode to come.


Q15. Why isn't there an episode 44?

There is if you look hard enough... no joke.


Q16. Episode 100 was amazing. What’s next?

There are plenty of projects for you to look forward to. Now that episode 100 is complete we'll be working on a new concept 'Roof Culture'. We'll keep churning out the episodes in the meantime and plan on teaming up with a load of other cool guys from around the world... And of course, MALTA 2k12.



Q17. Do you need jobs or is storrorblog now big enough to support all of you?

The majority of us have just finished college, we're now living Storror in waiting for shit to kick off, obviously a few of us have part time work for those extra pennies. 


Q18. What cameras/equipment did you use to shoot episode 100 and do you use a glide cam? 

Cameras - Canon 550d x2, Canon 600d, Cannon 60d and GoPro HD Hero 2.
Lenses - 18-135mm x2, 50mm x2, Sigma 10-20mm.
No glide cam was used, eff dat.



Q19. There was some big jumps in episode 100, do you have knee problems?

Some of us had had knee problem in the past, Josh had tendonitis for a long time. But at the moment and during the time filming the episode no one had any problem with their knees.


Q20. Do you get in serious trouble for being on roofs? Do any of you have criminal records?

We get in trouble but never anything serious, our details are recorded almost daily. We usually go on the roofs after the shops have shut, that way the police don’t get hassle.



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