Munich Madness


Josh, Sacha and Callum awoke at 4:15 on the 24th of May at Josh's humble abode after a good 2 hours kip to realise we only had 15 minutes until the taxi was to pick us up to take us to Gatwick airport. Luckily we got our flight despite Josh's last minute packing and Callum's irritable bowels. We arrived at Munich airport without the contact number of our host, Andi Muller. So we waited for a couple of hours and walked around a bit to see if he was waiting for us somewhere. Then we started to worry. We were in a foreign airport with no idea where we're meant to be going. We ended up calling some people we thought could help us out to get in contact with Andi. Luckily we eventually got through and it turned out that Andi got mixed up and was expecting us to arrive the next day. So Andi's girl friend, Anna swiftly came to pick us up.

After finally leaving the airport we arrived at Andi and Anna's crib to meet Vitaliy Berezhnoy. The first day was mainly spent chilling around Munich. Walking around looking at the sights, watching people surf under a bridge in a river and enjoying traditional Bavarian style beer and sausages in a huge beer garden. When we got back to Andi and Anna's we fell asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow. God knows how we managed to stay awake the whole long day after having such little sleep the night before.

The second day while preparations were being made at the gym, Anna took us to the famous Red city spot. A place that looks like it is literally made for Parkour but is actually just a contemporary art sculpture. God knows who deems this horrendous mish mash of concrete art but the Munich Parkour community are certainly chuffed with it and so were we. So we trained a little bit in this overwhelming place and filmed a few things that took our fancy and later moved on to join the others to 'help' prepare the gym equipment for the jam the next day.

When we got to the gym we met up with a bunch of familiar faces. A few we'd met before including Alex Potts, Felix Quinton, Matthias Mayer, Bjarke Hellden and a few we'd seen on youtube like Alexandr Gisysh, Shevchenko, Oleg Vorslav, Patryk Raszkowski, Tomas Zonyga and the other Czech Republican nutters and more. The gym when finished was amazing. There was amazing bar set ups and big wood boxes with the wall of the gym conveniently parallel, an olympic style trampoline also next to a wall and ledge (perfect for Sacha's lil shenanigans), an air track and some assorted gymnastic bars, beams and vaulting horses. Twas a sight to behold. We stood in awe at Matthias Mayer's amazing barefoot drop precisions and strides on the higher bars of the set up and laughed at Oleg's witty anecdotes (especially the one that made no sense... oh wait). We played and played and many good times were had and then the pizza arrived. Another good day in Munich. 


Saturday which was the first day of the jam consisted of a nice early start. Straight out the house and down the gym to greet 150 German freerunners. One thing that surprised us was the amount of clun... female practitioners there were at the jam. It makes you think what the hell is wrong with English girls and what's stopping them. So we did a bit of coaching and a bit of playing around then later on most people left the gym to go train at Red city. Much fun was had in the sun and everyone gathered for a nice little group piccy featuring some Czech guy's cock and balls. After leaving Red city we made our way to the Olympic stadium for some diving mischief. Andi Muller (the organiser) finally showing his true colours on the diving boards. Bouncing on the thin 3 metre diving board as if it were a trampoline then throwing huge rotations and ball breaking belly flops into the pool and rising to the surface of the water with a massive grin on his face. We returned to the gym and also witnessed Andi's proficiency on the trampoline as well. A beast to say the least.

On Sunday we did a bit more coaching in the gym. Was fairly chilled apart from Callum shouting 'UP' and 'NO KNEE' to certain individuals. Later all the coaching sessions fizzled out into just a big jam. We managed to capture some cool things on film here and there then evacuated the sweltering hot gym environment with a group of people to the river to cool down and have sum gd tyms. The current in the river was very strong. Some of us swam across to a little island in the middle of the river. The Swiss sensation Joel Eggimann found some thick clay and got busy Ramboing himself up while the rest of us launched it around at each other. We crossed back across the river in a desperate panic against the fierce current, shoved our trousers back on over our soggy underwear and set off to a big barbecue where we'd chill and spend the rest of the evening.


The place where the barbecue was taking place was surreal. Still not quite sure if it was a pub garden or something. But there was a home made water slide, some various play ground stuff like roundabouts and swings etc and a huge wooden castle play area complete with underground tunnels and everything. It didn't look too bad for training besides the fact that everything was horrendously unstable. So instantly we were seven years old again, playing in this place and climbing up ladder in towers fit for people half our size. Later on we found out someone had brought a guitar along. It was swiftly commandeered by Alex Potts and remained in his clutches for the rest of the night. So we had a bit of a sing song with a big roaring fire and got a bit silly with the Bavarian beer and sang until our throats gave in. Well Pottsy and Callum did anyway. Then someone found a soft play room in the pub, building place. So there was a big fight and that room got trashed as well as the kitchen next door.

The next day most of the jam people left and us and a bunch of the other guests were shown some spots. We went to a spot with your basic stride, plyo and cat pass arm jump set up. Got some gorgeous footage then headed back to the gym to help (do fuck all) pack away the gym equipment. A handful of us decided to climb the building opposite the gym instead and instead of taking a lift back down, we just went through a hatch on the roof and took the elevator down through a busy office building and exited through the front door. Later on we headed into town again to chill, eat ice cream and see more sights. There was a cute little fountain spot where some people set up a slack line and had some beers. But before we even got to the fountain we clocked a building site with climbable steel girders and a crane. Shortly after getting to the top of the crane we were interrupted by a couple of cross German police officers. So we climbed down, gave them the old 'we were taking photos' excuse, winked and blew them a kiss and they were on their way.

Here's a pic of the one handed stand that Callum did at height! nutter.


Tuesday was the final day for most people. It was also the day we were going to a big day spa and water slide park. We had heard about this day spa during the week and it wasn't something we were terribly looking forward to as while in there you must be naked. It was quite surreal seeing Andi and Anna comfortably walking around in the nude while everyone else is covering their bits with a towel. It was also quite surreal seeing Josh go down water slides while still wearing his snap back cap. We went in numerous saunas and got really hot and stuff and also down numerous water slides and had lots of whooshy, wet fun. There was a pool with a bar in it where we bought some over priced drinks and Pottsy and Felix Quinton showed off their handstands (and due to the shallow water their meat and two vedge as well). After a long relaxing and strange day at the day spa a few others and us went to have a barbecue at Anton's place and indulged in a hefty amount of meat and then hit the hay.

Wednesday was our final day in Munich and of course it had to be spent at the Red city spot. We did some training and gathered some last minute footage on the little space we had left on the one SD card we had then said our goodbyes and headed back to Andi and Anna's to pack up our things and have one last meal before rushing off to the airport for our return flight back home.


We had such a great time training at these amazing places with everyone and meeting so many new people. Massive thanks to everyone we met who made it an amazing experience especially Andi and Anna. Watch the video of our trip below!


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