Belgium Business


Storror Chaps:
 - Max Cave
 - Toby Segar
 - Benj Cave
 - Drew Taylor

On the 24th of May a few of Storror rose up at the crack of dawn to board the Eurostar to Brussels for the first ever Urban Cirkus festival. Upon arrival, none of us had a clue where the contact was, or where to meet. So off to a good start, we sat down and snapped the first instagrams of the trip. Jonas soon found us and with a couple of local traceurs, Nico and Timmy we set off on our way to the hotel we'd be staying for the next few days.

"Hotel Ibis... Sweltering n hungry, ceebs to care"


After testing out the beds and dropping off our stuff we met up with the Speeders, in 5 minutes we were best mates and proceeded to collect all the festival merch and our exclusive Storror passes which we quickly began to abuse and finished roughly 6 big bottles of fanta and coke before heading off to some local spots with the Speeders and Belgium chaps. Some construction workers had sorted out a scaffold structure for the performance so we had a little play around and made more mates with the local piss'eds. After an alright training sesh we challenged the Speeders to a good ol' footy match, flawless teamwork and Max's iron strike won us the match 86-0.


The following day we were taken to the Leuven circus school to pick up a few crashmats and vault boxes for the performance. Havoc followed, transporting massive crashmats down multiple sets of stairs proved a challenge but with help from a couple of ridiculous unicyclists they were in the vans and set up nicely around the scaffold structure. Later on that day we met a few more locals, Wart and Key. These two proved to be fuckin legends, they were both sick at Parkour  and owned the streets of Leuven with their long board’s which we promptly stole and got some gawjus shots. Longboard handstands and motorbike high fives went down, setting us up nicely for the smashing vid.

Day 3 saw us practicing for the first performance, we met with all the performers and proceeded to further abuse our Storror passes with a buffet lunch fit for kings. Storror, Speeders, Feline and few locals were split into 3 groups to perform separately, after conducting a little workshop it was time to get the audience pumped and start the show. With minimum planning and no sense of choreography the performance went better than expected, after dishing out a few more Storror t's to the pumped audience we decided to go out and explore the streets of Leuven with our big bro's, Speeders who tactically ambushed our night... arriving back at our hotel at 4am a little worse for ware despite having won another point for the Storror vs Speeders tally. Oli was slaughtered, waking up half the hotel on the way to his room we all got some well earned kip.

"Another crazy day in Belgium... bloody Speeders"



We woke up simply to laugh at the clips from the previous night before heading off to lunch. Around 1 o’clock we decided it was too hot to train, a local geezer piped up saying there was a canal with a couple of bridges to jump off. Without further or do we gave the geezer a pat on the back and set off. With no more room in the van, Drew and Benj hopped on the roof with Max and Toby hanging off the back with the cameras ha! Benj, Max and Drew started everything off with a couple layout gainers into the murky river. Doubles soon followed with Benj's first ever dub gainer outside, the nutter entered perfectly. Whilst strolling back to the van we saw a tonk train bridge and being Storrors, couldn’t pass up the opportunity. We pegged it to the top and checked out the 100ft+ drop into the scummy river, passing up on certain death we returned and finished off the final performance which went even better, the crowd were hyped and we pissed off to bed.

We decided to visit the speeders city to make the most of our last day in Belgium. Hopping on the 10am train with a few of the Belgium lads we set off to get some meaty footage and have shit loads of fun. From the station we walked no more than 5 minutes and arrived at the first ridiculous spot before moving on and prepping Storror's first ever ‘David Bell’ roof gap haha. Max stepped up and absolutely destroyed the meaty gap. Benj and Drew soon followed, shooting gravel all over Toby who was filming with Tim's gawjus fisheye. We moved on to one of the most recognised spots in Speeders city. With time running out before our train back to the Eurostar Toby completed his trip with a tasty running armjump. We said our goodbyes and made our way back to boring England...


The trip exceeded all of our expectations and we're sure to be returning in the near future. Special thanks to all the Belgium lads who showed us around, especially Nico and Timmy... bunch’o legends xox

Watch the final video of our trip! 'Storror's Belgium Business'


Log by Benj Cave and Toby Segar

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