Storror in Lisbon


Storror Chaps:

- Toby Segar
- Max Cave
- Benj Cave
- Callum Powell
- Drew Taylor

On February 1st 2012 us Storror’s hopped on flight EZY8719 ­­and set off for Lisbon, Portugal. The Portuguese, Swiss and a couple of Spaniards were waiting at the city airport and after a few introductions and greetings they took us back to the hostel where we’d be staying for the week. After sorting out our stuff and shotgunning the bunks I ended up on the floor. After a few laughs and brawls with the Swiss we decided to go on a trek through Lisbon to see what us Storror’s were up against for the week, only mistake being that we didn’t actually go with anyone from the city. We got lost… Without Steven the human SatNav it took us a bloody long time to find our way back to the hostel!

"View from our 7 star hotel..."



The next day we decided to wait for some local chaps before storming off into town, they took us to some cool spots and taught us some basic Portuguese which, being Storrors, we immediately picked up and were fluent by the end of the day. Luis; Pedro and Sergio took everyone to the famously run down spot with loads of graffiti everywhere, we’d all seen it in videos but it was great to finally get to train there. The spaniards got their game on, sticking everything there was to stick. Some cool stuff went down and the proper filming for ‘Lisbon Has Us Now’ began. That evening we spotted a castle across the city from our hostel, it was on a hench hill but we decided to mission it and get to the top with a few of the Swiss chaps, Kev, Chris, Morris and Ruben.

After a good while working out how to enter the perimeter we began searching for a route up and over the castle walls which are obviously built so that getting up and over them is almost impossible. Being peekayers we soon found a climb that put us nicely in view of the castle security. After crawling around in the shadows for a bit the security spotted us. We pegged it back to the climb and out of the grounds before jogging back into the centre of the city, disappointed that we hadn’t completed the objective.

"Almost got lost on a night mission, it's k we're back now lolage."


Day 3 was the international jam, we were pretty sceptical about the amount of people there were going to be, in excess of 100 traceurs from all over Portugal and some from Spain meant that most of the spots ended up packed full to the brim. It was nevertheless a good day and we had numerous funny conversations with the hyped foreigners. It was also the day we climbed to the top of a cable car pylon, Max and Benj had some fun with the GoPro which you can see in the final video whilst Callum interviewed an interesting chap with a pink beanie… ‘’Bueeeenaaaaaa’’

Later on we went on another night time exhibition with our new best mates, the Swiss. We found an abandoned and half demolished hotel and decided to have a look around. After cringing at Max’s desire to break everything in sight we proceeded to work our way through the building, this was when Christian really proved himself. He chose to go first, walking in pitch black over the rickety floorboards and across the occasional hole followed by a healthy 6 meter drop to rubble. At one point he went off ahead and we came to terms with the fact that he’d pretty much just balanced across a singular floorboard, above a drop, in the pitch black…yeah Christian is a freak. We carried on and ended up making our way to the 3rd floor and onto the rooftop, only, there was no roof. It had been fully broken in and demolished, leaving the tops of the supporting walls bare and crumbling. Being stupid youth, we decided to climb up and work our way across the crumbling tops, taking note of the healthy height drop on both sides. Drew came close to falling, checking all the unstable bricks didn’t pay off, he had to jump for safety after both the bricks he was standing on crumbled away. The rest of us were of course in hysterics with no care in world that he almost finished his trip for good haha.

"Off to the beach today, expecting to see some dirty stuff from these hyper Spaniards!!"


Day four was pretty chilled, we all took the ‘free’ train for roughly 45 minutes and arrived on the coast. It was a bloody nice day for the beach so we had a few brawls with the Swiss and sat down to watch Laury do what he does best, quadruple corks, another tasty addition to our footage. Us Storrors then moved down the beach to train at a spot we noticed earlier on that day, after a couple of gaps above a tourist gift shop we starting filming some movements at a subway by the main road. Plenty of nice runs went down which feature prominently in the final video, especially Callum’s endless plyometrics that began with a dirty step up and finished with a perfectly stuck rail precision. That night we climbed a hench crane on a hill with Paulo, Felix and Ruben. Yeah that was definitely good.

The following morning we decided to go out as a smaller group, we aren’t big fans of large groups and wanted to make the most of a spot we’d been to previously. Felix came with us and knew a bit more about the Lisbon buses which was handy, good lad Fedex. Benj recognised the area and we soon found the spot. Some cool stuff was done including Max’s running precision followed by a hefty plyo to a rail, another valuable piece of footage for the video.

This was when I noticed a meaty dive catpass across the walkway, at first it was one of those ‘haha cohh check this out’ kinda things, but after a few measurements and testing diverolls I began to genuinely consider and weigh up the pros and cons of the movement. I sorted out the run up for a good 10 minutes until the steps were just right before prepping the technique. My only fear was that I would put in too much power and overshoot the catpass, allowing me no push to level myself and land for a comfortable roll. I finally got round to attempting the movement, only to do the exact same thing I was scared of. After diving over the rail I made it to the wall just fine, before plummeting 7ft to the concrete head first and bouncing into the road from my shoulder and back. I found myself knelt on one knee in the road with what seemed to be no injuries at all, it made no sense before I realised my collar bone had snapped clean in half, what a great moment that was.

The rest of the chaps waited outside the scummy hospital for 5 hours. In the meantime, nothing was done; the doctors referred me to a hospital in England and gave me a bollocks sling to live with until I returned home in 2 days. We got back to the hostel where everyone had heard what had happened. On a more positive note, I had multiple slaves that night, cooking me food and doing everything for me haha.

"Eventful day to say the least...#uhoh"



Day 6 wasn’t too shabby surprisingly, being broken and handicapped I simply chilled in the hostel all day with Laury, Paulo and Luis, good bunch of chaps. The other Storrors left around midday to train at the bloody good graffiti spot where they got some more great footage. When they arrived back at the hostel they began planning for the race against the Swiss. The ‘Full Moon Castle Challenge’ involved a time trial from the hostel to the top of the same castle we infiltrated days before. The twist being the 8 challenges each team had to complete along the way. Below is the video dedicated to this race. Both teams had GoPro’s and the winner was undecided due to the Swiss team arriving at the castle first but without the camera.

Day 7, home time. We all set out to buy Luis a slingshot for being such a good host and signed a postcard of the castle we missioned, obviously with some great jokes and insults. We finished the day by spending the rest of our Euros on a beastly McDonalds. Spit balling caught on which filled the time waiting for our flights and might have annoyed a few fellow travellers before arriving in cold, snowy England.

We all had a bloody good trip and plan to return in the future to train with the great bunch of Portuguese lads. I had to edit the horrendous amount of footage with my left hand, which proved a challenge but I loved the content and was happy with the final result which you can view below... Enjoy.



Log by Toby Segar

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