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Taken from interview with UShop Magazine 

Before we start can you explain to the uninitiated what parkour is? 
By definition parkour is simply moving through an environment in the most efficient manner, so this could mean jumps, vaults and stuff like that.  But to us now, really it's just having fun through movement by experimenting and messing around with our friends! 
How did it start?
It's not always entirely clear how or when it started, but the word parkour as we know it came from a group of guys in France taking what they learnt from military training into urban surroundings.  In short they were messing around with movement just like we do now and gave it the name parkour! 
What's the philosophy surrounding parkour?
What I've gathered from parkour, and I think the rest of Storror would agree, is that it teaches you everything and anything is possible if you spend enough time on it, but also that you should make the most of living in the moment because that's what's most fun!
So what attracted you to parkour?
Apart from helping you get loads of ladies, I think ultimately it's the freedom of parkour which is so attractive.  There aren't any rules or costs or higher bodies to answer to, so it's just about having fun, how and when you want to! 
What about the rest of your group - were you friends, how did you get together?
Well, Benj and Max are brothers.  They started training in early 2006, as did Callum and Sacha, who are also brothers, and Toby, but all separately in their hometowns.  I (Drew) and Steven got to know Benj and Max through school and mutual friends.  We were training together in Horsham for a number of years before we got really good friends with Callum, Sacha, Toby and Josh from travelling, and decided to give ourselves a team name in late 2010. 
Where are you guys based, and where do you train?
Roughly, we're based in the southeast, but specifically we're from Horsham, Redhill, Brighton and Guildford.  When we're not visiting each other, we go up to London a lot, Portsmouth, Cambridge and Crawley.  Part of the fun is exploring new places so we're constantly travelling all over the country to check out new areas and meet up with friends.  Often we don't organise where we're going until a few days before, its usually just a case of texting everyone if you have an idea.
Where do you see parkour and indeed Storror Parkour going in the next few years?
I think parkour is steadily going to see more commercialisation, which is cool as long as it's done right.  As for Storror Parkour, it's only up from here!  We're heading over to Portugal in a few weeks, so a big video to come from that.  We're also working on a huge new special effects video called 'Storror Power' so stay tuned for updates! 
What's the best trick/stunt (what do you call it?) you guy's have pulled off?
Haha, we don't really look at it like that... but blatantly if we had to pick one, it's Toby's HUUUUGE, double catpass you can see in WE ARE STORROR.  He didn't sleep for weeks before that!
Is there a place you would like to train?
Rather than a place, it's training with people... we'd love to train with some GUP guys from Spain.  At the moment they're ripping it up in such an original way it's so good to watch.  There are some crazy bar spots in Russia which would be good to go to, but generally you can make anywhere good - it's the people and they way they move that makes the difference. 
Favourite place so far and why?
Our favourite place has obviously got to be Malta - it was the best week of our lives!  The climate and people were amazing, not to mention how incredible it was for cliff jumping!  We'll definitely be making a trip back there soon, that's for sure! 
Do you as a group or individually take part in parkour competitions?
Apart from a competition in Argentina that fell through we haven't been given the opportunity as yet, but definitely wouldn't turn down the chance to take part in any competitions.  They usually work with all athletes having a run or two on specially designed courses and get judged on certain criteria like creativity, flow and bollocks like that.  It's all a bit gay but if the prize money is good there would be no reason to turn it down.
What's the worst injury anybody in the group has had?
Generally injuries are rare with parkour.  We try to reduce the chance of anything going wrong before going for it by practising on smaller or lower stuff.  But accidents do happen, especially when you're jumping into seesaws... the only serious injury is Toby loosing four teeth when a seesaw smacked him in the mouth.  Helpfully we've got the video still here!
What would be your advice for anybody wanting to take up parkour?
Start with friends, because it's so much better!  Also, don't be dumb and do roof gaps straight away.  Start from the ground up and get good somewhere you can build up confidence without getting hurt.  Basically, use common sense!  Oh, and the longer you stick with it the funner it gets, much like most things!
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