Chaps on Tour


‘Chaps on Tour’ (Abridged Channel 4 version)

£0 – thank god for pocket money

Camera bodies:
Canon 600D – 720p 60fps
Canon 550D – 720p 60fps
Olympus PEN EPL-1 (Cave brothers broke it a couple weeks into shooting haha)                 

Canon 50mm f/1.8
Canon 18-135mm f/3.5 ll
Canon 18-55mm f/4 ll

Other Stuff:
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
Adobe After Effects CS5.5
GoPro Hero 960 – Headstrap 720p 30fps
GoPro HD Hero – Headstrap 720p 60fps
Shoddy Tripods, Rope and homemade lens cap (sock)

Since the Channel 4 airing of the abridged ‘Chaps on Tour’ I’ve received a good ‘n’ healthy amount of questions regarding the production and how the hell Storror managed to feature on home television sets across the UK, being such a young and up and coming group. The most concise answer I can give is that we were bloody lucky haha!

It seems logical to first explain the idea behind the original ‘Chaps on Tour 2011’. I began filming around Christmas 2010 and simply planned on shooting everything we got up to. Zero planning went into the structural aspects of the video, I simply shot a bunch of cool stuff that happened and wedged it all into a timeline before roughly grading the majority and cutting the scenes to partner mutually agreed song choices. I guess the primary goal should have become evident for us once the video started taking shape, we knew it would differ from the typical Parkour/Freerun video but couldn’t really put our finger on why or how it was going to do so.

This subtle and irrelevant confusion was soon resolved a matter of hours after the video went live on July 26th 2011, most of the feedback was basically highlighting the fact that all we seem to live for is fun. We had incorporated a whole new level of enjoyment and focussed less on the generic Freerun trends and more on the idea of fulfilled life and simply having a bloody good time haha. A number of simple attributes reinforced this concept such as music choice and grading, which I’ll chat about in a bit.

The next day I was informed of a certain individuals response to the video, Mike Christie, director and producer of over 40 documentaries and ever growing list of drama and commercials but in our eyes the most influential and genuinely life changing documentary ‘Jump Britain’.

"I don't think I've ever seen any film by anyone ever in which the people in it more GOD DAMN ALIVE!"


The video proceeded to do a lot better than we first thought, racking up a total 70,000+ hits which was pretty surprising considering the length of the video being a meaty 16 minutes. To partner that success I got a call from Mike Christie proposing a mini project for Channel 4’s Random acts which involved me condensing the original ‘Chaps on Tour’ to a 3 minute linear journey reinforcing the key concepts of friendship and fun, with the added twist being our 6+ years of experience in Parkour.

I got on the edit straight away, taking all the best stuff from ‘Chaps on Tour’ and sneaking in a couple of new shots I’d been experimenting with. Mike loved the intro song from the original video by Sufjan Stevens and got an exclusive edit produced and sent through to me for the abridged piece. The first few drafts were way off track but after taking down what seemed like a billion amendment notes the final piece was sent off for Channel 4 airing on November 29th serving as Storror’s television debut hahaaa.

In terms of technical attributes and post production, it was all pretty bog standard, my edits usually thrive solely due to the partnership between the chosen song and of course the content,  but that just comes down to having a great time and being bothered to get out the cameras to film it haha. The overall colour grade was relatively warm; this helped reinforce the jolly mood. I stimulated the red and orange tints whilst transitioning with bright flashes custom made using clips at super speed and interval contrasting. Pretty much every cut partnered some kind of count or beat in the song.

I used the Premiere Pro plug-in Magic Bullet (Colorista and Mojo) to grade the colour throughout the piece partnered with premieres in-built correction tools. Bog standards were of course used to full effect, brightness and contrast being the ultimate culprit. Premiere’s optical flare tool was also used a few times, not too blatant as I’m not too good at using them atall. Displayed below are some examples of raw footage and the result after playing around until they looked good haha.


I'm fully chuffed with the final result and cannot thank Mike Christie enough for the fab opportunity. As for Chaps on Tour 2012, for all you know we might have started filming already ;) we're hoping to obtain some kind of financial support for our next big project so stay tuned for updates people.


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