Storror in Malta



£350 per person - inc flights, hotel, food and spending.

Drew Taylor
Toby Segar
Steven Whitley
Max Cave
Benj Cave
Callum Powell
Sacha Powell
Luke Harty

To have a f***ing good time jumping off cliffs and snorkelling and stuff with your mates... oh and make a sick video

Yo, so it was around this time last year, (February 2011) when we were at Steven’s booking our flights to Malta! Originally we had planned to go down to Cornwall the summer before, but Max fucked his foot up so we couldn’t drive and that was that, we never went.

In early 2011 the idea of going to Malta the following summer came to Benj and I. We were in London, looking at the Thames and thinking how much fun it would be jumping in if the water was perfectly clear, still and warm. For some unknown reason, Malta popped into our heads as the perfect place to go and after Steve told us he’d been there twice we were completely set on going. So the five Horsham boys, plus Toby gathered the money together from various sources and booked it – for £250 each may I add! Bloody bargain! As we got closer and closer to summer, Callum and Sacha bought tickets too and we were set!

July 17th came around like nothing, and we found ourselves waiting in the airport watching the pre-Malta chaps on tour on my laptop – looking ruddy great. After spending way too long in the airport, we boarded the plane at around midnight. Not much to say about the plane journey, pretty standard apart from out of excitement we started clapping and cheering when we landed, and got the whole plane doing the same!

We got off the plane totally in shock, most of us had never been somewhere so boiling, and this was at 3am! Our lift to the hotel turned up late and he was a moody prick, so that was an awkward, silent journey. After pulling the quickest check-in ever we sprinted up to our rooms and all got changed into just swimming shorts and Feiyues and sprinted back out again. None of us really had a clue where the sea was but we were too excited to stop running. When we spotted the sea, the final sprint down this straight road was fucking epic. The sea was of course PERFECT temperature.

By this time it was starting to get light, we were making our way around the bay swimming and sketchily wading through rocks. Then we found the first jump. Malta is such a sick place for cliff jumping; even in the first hour exploring we found this golden spot! Obviously, just like we did at every new jump we found the first thing we did was get in the water and see how deep it was. We didn’t have our snorkels with us here, so Steve just had a go swimming down as far as he could and we quickly determined it was deep enough to jump off the top. Started off low, and gradually working our way up to jumping off the top – this jump was probs about 5-6m. As our confidence built we started trying gainers, fronts and dives. 

After watching the sunrise we stayed there for another few hours until we realised they started serving breakfast at our hotel. We thought it’d be a good chance to go back, refuel and get snorkels and stuff! We had breakfast, then we were on a huge mission for water because for some reason they didn’t have water for free in the hotel?! After trying hard to avoid being gay lathering each other up with sun cream, we donned our shades and darted from shade to shade all the way to the frozen water shop! The next stop was the pool for a quick test of our snorkelling stuff – Toby hit some guy in the face with his flippers which was funny. Then we decided to have a quick kip to refuel for later on! We slept for like an hour or so – then went exploring with the idea of booking the boat trip for tomorrow’s blue lagoon visit! 


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