Storror Summer


Storror Summer

£0 – as per usual

Camera bodies:
Canon 600D – 720p 60fps
Canon 600D – 720p 60fps
Canon 550D – 720p 60fps

Canon 50mm f/1.8 II
Canon 18-135mm f/3.5
Canon 18-55mm f/4 ll
Tamron 70-300mm f/5.6

Other Stuff:
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
Adobe After Effects CS5.5
Twixtor 5.0 After Effects Plugin
GoPro HD Hero 2– Headstrap 720p 60fps
GoPro HD Hero 2– Headstrap 720p 60fps
Tripods, Longboards and other DIY smooth stuff

On the 2nd of November I finished and released the Storror Film 'Storror Summer'.  This was filmed throughout the course of 8 months from March to the very last day of October.  It was mostly filmed with my 'Canon EOS 550D' and for the Malta section I got Toby Segar to send me a few shots from his 'Canon EOS 600D' and 'GoPro HD HERO 960' for extra footage and some underwater shots.  I used ‘Adobe Premiere Pro CS5’ and ‘Adobe After Effects CS5.5’ to edit.

At first the intention for making the video was to be the sequel to my previous YouTube video 'Spring Time' which would've been called 'Summer Time', but as time went on and the footage kept rolling in I realised that I could make a much bigger video than the last, so I put much more effort into the filming and editing for it.

The way I produced the video was by collecting as much footage as I could before deciding to start editing so that I could get an insight into what sort of video it was going to be, judging by what sort of shots I had.  I ended up with a lot of shots where we were having fun and planned little scenes such as the dancing part on the rooftops as well as training footage.  This made me want to make a 'feel good' video to make the viewer feel happy and want to go out and do it for themselves.  So I started the edit just before the Malta trip in July.

One planned scene was the part where Drew, Toby, Callum and Benj were running down the pathway in Portsmouth and then a load of people came out from the corner and start chasing them.  It started off as Jordan Moon arrived with his longboard, so I asked to have a go.  I had my camera in my hand, so asked Benj to run down the pathway to see what the following shot would look like gliding along just behind him with the long board.  It looked good so we gathered Drew, Toby and Callum and got all four of them to run down the pathway just because it looked bang on.  But after that I thought about getting a different angle of them and approaching from the opposite side and going through the middle of them, as I was all the way on the other side of the street, they told everyone to run around from the corner.  So basically it was a random gradual idea that ended up looking epic. 

Now to explain the turban scene.  This all started when there was a rivalry between Storror and the Hudfucks crew.  We arranged to meet in London at 'IMAX One' in July.  We thought it was a good opportunity for an ambush so we all met at Waterloo station 15 minutes before the arranged time to meet with the Huddersfield lot.  We all got our turbans on and got in position.  Anyway, to cut a long story short, it ended up with the leader of the group Reece Holmes crying out “Sorry” at each Storror's feet.  (This footage can be seen on StorrorBlog's YouTube channel within 'Summer Extras - Episode 70')


Summer Extras - Episode 70

At first it was fine editing on the computer I have, but after I got past the 10 minute mark, my computer started to fail on me. The editing software was struggling with all the imported footage and every clip added to the time-line started to take way too long to pre-render. I had to make sure the editing software was running smoothly before I clicked on anything otherwise it would crash on me, causing me to restart the Premiere project, although it wasn't as easy as that because for some unknown reason every time it crashed it wouldn't open again straight away, I had to log off and log back on again before I could start the project up again, this was very time consuming and annoying! I don't have a clue why this kept happening; it's just my shit computer I guess.

For all the glide shots in the video where it looked like a steadicam had been used, I filmed them either hand-held whilst walking as steady as I could, or I used a lightweight tripod with a special technique I discovered which allowed me to run with the camera whilst reducing the amount of vibrations to the camera. I filmed all these shots with 'Warp Stabilizer' in mind; this is a digital stabilizer in After Effects CS5.5 which smoothed out all the shaky moving footage I had.

For the super slow motion part in the Malta section where Benj, Toby, and Max are flying in the air I used a plug-in for After Effects called ‘Twixtor 5.0’ which allows 60fps to imitate 1000fps by creating its own extra frames in-between the real frames of the original footage judging it by the colour of the pixels on the first frame to the next frame. 

I had all the songs lined up at the start of the production apart from the Malta song, that came to me when Drew Taylor showed me the song 'Young Blood' by 'The Naked and Famous' on the 'Hornblower' boat to the 'Comino Island' (Blue Lagoon) with his iPhone and I thought it'd create a great feel to the Malta section of the video, and also that song reminds me of when we were in Malta so that's another reason why I chose that song.

I colour corrected every shot apart from the shot of Callum’s bail where he under does the precision and hits his back on the wall behind him, and also the shot of Chris Brooks harassing the kids who were trying to cross over on the grass at night. I didn’t colour correct these shots because when I tried, the grain in the image became more visible and exaggerated and I didn’t have a de-noiser plug-in to get rid of the grain.

At the beginning of the project I thought it was going to be another 6 minute video like ‘Spring Time’ but in the end it turned out to be the biggest parkour/travel and events video I’d ever done. I didn’t plan any part of the edit until I was sitting at my computer importing clip after clip and placing them in the order of whichever one I thought would fit best. The edit could’ve turned out totally different if all these problems didn’t occur and I’m happy with how it turned out.

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