Roof Culture Blackout is an all black range, providing stealth for those who require subtlety when training. The collection has obvious Asian influences through native calligraphy and graphic placement. Each long length tee represents a different phase of Roof Culture, and respective Asian mega-city.

The Tokyo RCA tee aligns with traditional Japanese culture, to us this phase of Roof Culture is about the understanding that what we do is a result of discipline and training - we're not superhuman, just dedicated to a passion. 

The Hong Kong RCA tee stands for old school Roof Culture, it's about being loud and proud about what we do. It's sweaty palms and big drops and reflected by the city it represents. 

The Seoul RCA tee represents a passion to explore the unknown. It's risky, it's different but that's exciting. Seoul is the wildcard of RCA - and so is this tee. Rep if you can pull it off.

The RCA Mission Hoody ties together everything Roof Culture. It provides the dark anonymity required to fully explore the city.

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