Parkour In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Parkour in Brazil

See the full photo story here - Drew Taylor - Parkour in Brazil

Was great to be introduced to the community here in Rio yesterday. It's in its early days for sure, but very effectively being guided in the right direction by the awesome Vance Poubel (aka Bacon Man) who runs sessions here to teach kids in a local martial arts centre. 

The whole ethos of the way they train here is very much centred around having fun, which is the way it should be! I guess that reflects wider Brazilian culture but is awesome to see such freedom in a 'coaching' environment.

What is interesting though - is how participation in Rio de Janeiro is limited not by weather (as it is in the UK during winter) but rather safety on the streets. Vance was telling me people don't like to be out on the streets because of the associated danger with muggings and murders - which means introducing kids to parkour, an activity which very much involves being on the streets is increasingly difficult to gain interest in. 

Parkour in Brazil

Nevertheless - the community here is thriving and there are some seriously talented young kids here with some world class spots to develop their skills with. Expect big things from this area of the world over the next few years!!

See the full photo story here - Drew Taylor - Parkour in Brazil

Drew Taylor - Brazil Parkour

Parkour in Brazil

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