10th October 2020 is the tenth anniversary of the birth of our YouTube channel. The origin story of how the channel came to be launched on 10.10.10 is revealed in the blog here.

The ten years that have passed since that date have amounted to an incredibly unpredictable, sometimes scary, mostly fun, adventure. It’s been an odyssey, in fact.

If you’ve watched any of our earliest videos, you’ll notice we’ve matured a lot over the decade into the team we are now. We’ve morphed from rowdy teenagers, messing around with our mates, into professional parkour athletes and film-makers, still messing around with our mates. Way back in 2010 we never thought that we would be living the kind of life we do.

In that time, we’ve uploaded 423 videos to YouTube for all to watch, plus another 66 exclusives for channel members. We’ve amassed almost 6.5-million subscribers to our channel, and our videos have had a total of nearly three quarters of a billion views.

We’ve done interviews for TV stations, been featured in newspapers and magazines, appeared in big brand advertisements, and worked on Hollywood movies, the pinnacle being Netflix’s 6 Underground directed by Michael Bay.

Between us, we’ve travelled to so many places around the globe that even we’ve lost count now. And we’ve chronicled those adventures in a variety of styles, including producing two full-length feature films, which we're proud to say we planned, executed, and financed ourselves.

And along the way, we’ve somehow gathered a loyal following of superfans. They possess an encyclopaedic knowledge of our exploits, and seem to spend all their free time creating STORROR memes, making cute and clever edits, and diligently reposting our posts. To those individuals in particular, and to everyone who is part of #storrorarmy worldwide, we want to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for journeying with us.

Over the decade we’ve also built a clothing brand, starting with just one style of T-shirt that was financed by a loan from parents. So in honour of this ten year anniversary we're stoked to be releasing our Winter 2020 collection, appropriately named ODYSSEY!

The first of our new pieces will go live in the store shortly, with more following over the next few weeks.

Of course, we had some incredibly ambitious plans for celebrating ten years of STORROR but we never imagined 2020 would be so weird, with the coronavirus pandemic making most of those impossible.

That said, we have adapted to the challenge and we’ve got some massive bombs to drop in the next few days. Follow our updates on Facebook and Instagram and stay tuned for more news coming very soon!


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